Saturday, November 22, 2008

Attending a Friend's Church Wedding

Attended a friend's church wedding this morning. He's my secondary school's schoolmate and now we used to play badminton together every Saturday. The ceremony started at 9.30am.

[The church]

[The red carpet and church deco]

[The stage]

I attended quite a lot of church weddings but this one was quite a special one. Why I said so? Because usually the ceremony will start with wedding processional song, but this one it started with the bridegroom sang the song "我愿意" (I do) before the actual wedding procession started. It was quite touching and romantic. I guess the bride must feel that she was the happiest woman on earth at that moment!

Then while the bridegroom was singing, there were few dancers lining up and dance along the red carpet at the church entrance. The guests were cheered for this surprising performance especially for the charming voice of the bridegroom singing the song.

[Dancers along the entrance]

For the church wedding ceremonies previously I joined, there was only a pianist playing music accompany holy songs singing. But this one is special where there was a group of live band playing the music including piano, keyboard, electronic guitars and drum! I just like it so much especially the drum beat sound.

[Live band]

Apart from these, others were just normal church wedding routine like prayer, scripture reading, exhortation and solemnization of marriage by pastor, wedding rings exchange, lighting of unity candle and so on.

[Exhortation by the pastor]

[The guests]

The ceremony ended after about an hour. It was a very happy and romantic moment. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my friend, Eric on his big day and may happiness will always be with him and his wife, Joyce. God bless both of you!

[Happiness Forever to the new couple!]


  1. when u turn ??? free for your wedding camera man, hihihi.....

  2. HAHAHA! Thanks for the offer but I afraid you gonna wait for long!


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