Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Experience on NBA 2K9

NBA game is one of the most favourite game for me. All these while, I was playing NBA games from EASports. However, these few years back, NBA Live series of games by EASports quite disappointed me. In term of gameplay, graphics, players motion and so on were almost identical. This year, EASports even announced that there will be no PC version of NBA Live 09, which really make me feel sad about it.

However, I was cheering up when I knew another sports games developer giant, 2K Sports launched their NBA game series on PC platform. I never play 2K Sports game on PC platform before. Thus, I was curious about it.

When I first entered the game, I was caught in surprise as the interface itself gave me very fresh feeling. Well, at least the presentation itself made me feel neat, comfortable and the NBA teams logo look 3-D alike.

[Team selection interface]

Inside the game, the graphics were really tremendous! Maybe this is caused by high definition support for most of the games nowadays, so the graphics really look details and realistic! I love it a lot! Players movements such as rebounding, ball handling, passing, layup and shooting gave you the feeling of watching NBA matches live on tv! Its realistic level will keep you playing the game especially for NBA fans like me.

[Rockets Vs Knicks]

[Nets Vs Nuggets]

The lineup was good! At least better than NBA Live! Ron Artest is in Houston Rockets, Luis Scola on starting lineup but in NBA Live 09 PS2 version, no Ron Artest in Rockets team neither Luis Scola on Rockets' starting lineup. Allen Iverson is still in Denver Nuggets but that is not developer's fault as the game's rosters as of 8th August 2008. Iverson just transferred to Detroit last week.

[Allen Iverson still in Denver Nuggets]

The courtside environment was great as well. The crowds reaction were real and there were cheerleaders and team mascot standing at sideline to cheer for the team. There were also NBA commentators appeared on screen before the game started.

[Mascot, referees and cheerleaders]

[NBA Commentators]

[Environment inside the stadium with cheerleaders and mascot dancing on court]

As a whole, I love the game so much! It gave me back the excitement I had when I first owned a computer and played NBA Live 98. There are still a lot inside the game I not yet expose, I hope I will get more surprise when I do so!

[Yao Ming!!!]

[Kobe Bryant with No.24 jersey]

[Amare Stoudemire of Phoenix Suns]

[Vince Carter was warming up]


  1. It looked very nice la...Unfortunately my graphic card can't support, damn!

  2. tohps, is the time to change ur graphic card, even whole set of PC...


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