Thursday, November 20, 2008

Farewell Lunch For Trainees

Having farewell lunch for 2 trainees from UNIMAS who had being working in this office for the past 6 months. Both of them were having internship here since May. Tomorrow will be their last day here.

The lunch was held at New Capital Restaurant - an old-brand restaurant which already existed about 3 decades ago. I realized the existence of this restaurant since I was still very small as my parents usually bring me to a clinic just next to this restaurant for treatment when I was sick. The clinic was closed long time ago and the doctor I guess already in another world, yet the restaurant still at the same place. The restaurant and the clinic left me a lot of nostalgic memories.

[New Capital Restaurant]

We pre-ordered the foods by phone call earlier so that we could have faster serving. Thus, we didn't wait for long before the foods were served to us. The appetizers were boiled salty peanuts and preserved sour vegetables.


The first dish was restaurant specialty bean curd covered with preserved eggs and special sauces poured onto it. It was a very special dish which I never saw before. It tasted not bad.

[Bean curd with preserved eggs and sauces]

Then we have fried mini kailan with mushrooms and carrots, sea cucumbers soup, stir-fried bidin with garlics, lemon chickens, steamed prawns with wine, deep fried spicy spareribs and also the most famous restaurant's cooking - fried kampua mee. Oh ya, forgot to mention about the rice. It was oil rice cooked with unknown ingredients and it tasted like chicken rice.

[Fried mini kailan with mushrooms and carrots]

[Sea cucumbers soup]

[Stir-fried bidin]

[Lemon chickens]

[Steamed prawns with wine]

[Deep fried spicy spareribs]

[Fried Kampua mee]

[Rice tasted like chicken rice]

For dessert we have tiramisu (sponge cake) ....


Gotcha! HAHAHA!! That's not tiramisu.. but it was a special cold and wet towel roll for cleaning hands and faces after the meal. It was very comfortable putting it onto the face as it's cold and smell nice! This is a very unique service provided by this restaurant.

[Cold and wet towel roll]

The lunch ended about an hour plus later with laughters and stomach fulled. I would like to wish the 2 trainees who are going back to University soon for their final semester of study all the best in their final year project and also future undertaking. Best wishes and good luck from all of us in this company and is nice to have you with us for the past 6 months! Thanks also for Sibu branch management team for the treat!


  1. wen, I miss those food... looks so yummy!

  2. Looks really so yummy, but "some others" look more delicious than those food leh.....hahahha....


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