Sunday, November 9, 2008

A New Experience to Delta Market Place

Delta The Market Place is a new supermarket in Sibu which just started their business last week, 1st November 2008. It's located inside Delta Mall shopping complex - one of the newest shopping complex in Sibu established about one year ago.

[Delta Mall shopping complex]

Just now, I visited the new market place with my family. The main purpose is not for shopping but just to experience how the new environment looks like. Actually I planned to go last weekend but considered that it was a new opening and for sure it will be jammed with cars and people, thus we canceled the plan.

[Delta The Market Place main entrance]

The supermarket was at the under ground floor (UG) of the building. Thus, you can choose to use escalator inside the building to reach it. When first entered the place, it gave me a very refreshing feeling as it has enough lighting brighten up every corner of the supermarket and the white shinning marbled floor reflecting the light make the place even brighter.

[Escalator leading to the supermarket]

[Inside look of the supermarket]

Actually nothing much in the supermarket. After all, it is just another supermarket so I guess all of you are very familiar with what a supermarket should looks like. Yet, in my opinion, there are some conceptional difference between this new market place and the existing supermarkets in Sibu. This new market place mimic some of the concept used in some hypermarkets found in KL.

[A corner selling drinks in the supermarket]

First of all, there is a section for selling all kind of fresh foods like chicken and sea foods. As far as I know, there is no such service in other existing supermarkets in Sibu. The most is just storing chicken parts in the refrigerator. But in this market place, the chicken and sea foods are selling in fresh method where the raw foods will be placed on ice for consumers to choose.

[Section selling fresh raw foods such as chicken and sea foods]

[Chicken placed on ice]

[Raw sea foods on ice]

Then, there is a section for non-halal foods. All the non-halal tin foods were sold at separate section. Besides, there is a corner for selling porks and other pig organs. So far I never see any other supermarkets in Sibu selling porks.

[Non-halal section]

[Fresh porks on sold]

[Non-halal sausages]

Fresh vegetables and fruits are put on rack neatly with clear description and price written on blackboard. Although some supermarkets did apply this method already yet this market has the most and is the most tidy.

[Vege and fruits arranged on rack neatly]

There are also corner rented out for other businesses such as two bird nest stalls and a snack & candy stall.

[One of the bird nest stall selling bird nest hampers]

[Snack & candy stall]

One more thing which actually attracted my attention is the system used at payment counter. None of the supermarkets in Sibu use such system before, but I saw it in some of the hypermarket in KL some times ago, if not mistaken it is either in Jaya Jusco or Carrefour in Midvalley Megamall.

[Payment counters]

Actually, I wish to snap the photo about the system and share with all of you, but while I was busy taking photo inside the market place, I was warned by a guard it is prohibited to take photo which really spoilt my mood to the lowest! I got no choice but to follow the rules and that explain why I couldn't take photo at the payment counter to share with you all.

Anyway, I think the market place is still very new and there are still a lot of goods not yet put on racks for sale and I am sure this situation will improve from time to time.


  1. not bad... looks like some of the hypermarket in Klang Valley... proud of Sibu!

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