Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sunday Market Sibu

Sunday market in Sibu is a marketplace which only operates on weekend, starting early Saturday morning till Sunday noon. It's located at Jalan Pedada Sibu, just about 5 minutes driving distance from Sibu town center.

The market is placed on an empty land lot behind a row of shop houses. Every weekend, early in the morning, it already crowded by people who are looking for fresh and cheap foods.

[One of the entrance to Sunday market]

[Another world behind the shop houses]

[The crowds]

You can get different kind of raw foods such as fresh vegetables, local and imported fruits, meats, chickens, ducks, eggs, taufu (bean curd) and many more from here. Besides that, processed or cooked foods can also be found here.

Well... I think I just share some photos I took in Sunday market here as photos are self-explanatory. Better than I describe with my poor English and at the end, you have no idea what I am talking about. ;p

++++++ Photos section ++++++

[A taufu stall]

[A vegetables stall selling fresh red carrots, broccolis and other more vegetables]

[Cucumbers, fresh corns, veges, sweet potatoes and yam ]

[Tomatoes! How nice the color!]

[Fruits stall selling star fruits, jambu batu and rambutans ]

[Other fruits that can be found in Sunday market including seasonal fruits like durian]

[Local mandarin oranges]

[Chickens and ducks on sold]


[Fresh fishes]

[Fish stalls selling different kind of fishes]

[Clams and spiral shells ]

[How you call this? Local drain shells?]

[Various drooling kuih stall which is my favorite!]

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