Thursday, November 27, 2008

Red Alert Three

For strategy game lovers, I think by now you should know already EA had released the latest Command & Conquer game series, Red Alert 3. I not really into playing the game yet as I spent most of the time on NBA 2k9 - my most favourite game!

Anyway, I couldn't stop myself from trying out Red Alert 3 after I saw the reviews and screenshots from the web. I was quite impressed especially by the graphic.

After I tried it out, well... in term of gameplay, Red Alert 3 is just another strategy game on earth. As far as strategy game is concern, it is mostly about building your base, train armies, upgrade technologies then attack your opponents to get the victory. RA3 is not an exceptional.

However, in term of graphic, I would say it improved a lot if compare with Red Alert 2. Of course, don't forget RA2 was released in year 2001 which is about 7 years ago! Imagine how much technology as well as computer hardware had grown over this long period of time.

[Comparison of RA2 (upper) and RA3 (lower) in term of graphic]

RA3 graphic is more 3D-like and very detail. The game itself supports high definition display, thus the graphic could be very clear and sharp.

[Sharp RA3 graphics witch nice colour]

One thing which is new in Red Alert game is that you could build some of your building on the water! Now not only land battle is important, you should as well dominate and control resources in the sea in order to have better advantage to win the game. You can even gather resources (mineral) in the sea!

[Soviet buildings on water!]

[Gather resources on the water!]

Then, most of the vehicles are now amphibious which mean you don't need a special transport vehicle to bring them across the sea. The vehicle itself can function on land or water. Well, maybe this is what our future vehicle will look like? As the strategy on water is equally important as on land, therefore you will have more option of water vehicles or weapons to choose from.

[Allied forces on water!]

[The Empire of the Rising Sun forces on water!]

[Allied's water weapons]

In RA3, you will have a new force to choose from apart from traditional Soviet Union and Allied forces, which is called The Empire of the Rising Sun. By the name, you should know which country it is referring to. Yes! It is the Japanese - one of the technology giant in Asia! Therefore, its forces are futuristic and the unit designs are from combination of science-fiction, martial arts and robot culture. Some of the unit can even transform to alternate form so that they can have different function when operating.

[High-tech Japanese forces with robot technology]

[Human army fighting with Japanese robot, who will win?]

As the graphic is great, therefore the drawback of this game will be you need to have a better graphic card to play the game. I am using ATI Radeon EAH3650 series of graphic card and it supports the game quite well. However, if you want the highest graphic with the best performance, I suggest you to get a graphic card much better than this!

[Soviet base]

Happy gaming!!!

++++++ More screenshots ++++++

[Allied forces prepared for battle!]

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  1. stupid lah, my graphic card cannot support liao, damn !!!!!
    $$$$$ come come come, I want to upgrade my graphic card !!!!!


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