Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is Pay Back Time!

This afternoon I received a letter from state government. I was a bit shocked. At a sudden, I can't figure out why state government sent letter to me. Therefore, I couldn't wait to open the envelope to see what is the content of the letter.

At the moment when I tear off the envelope, something strike my mind. I suddenly thought of a possibility why state government sent letter to me. It must be something to do with study loan.

When I took out the letter from the envelope, as expected - what I thought is what I get! State government asking me to pay back my study loan which I took from them about 9 years ago!

Maybe you will think, why the state government took so long to ask the loan back? Actually, they did ask once from me the year I finished my study. That time, they sent a form to me to fill in about payment details, I filled in and sent it back. However, I had been waited for years and years but no respond from them at all.

Then in June 2007, I received a warning letter from them saying if I didn't pay back the loan, they will take legal action against me. I was angry at that time because all these while I was waiting for their reply on the pay back method, the amount to pay and other details but I never get any respond from them, yet I had been accused for didn't want to pay back the loan. Therefore, I replied their letter by clarify my standing, expressed my dissatisfaction for their accusation and also asked for payback details.

After more than a year, this afternoon I just got a respond from them. State government sent this letter to me informing about the amount and also the method I can use to pay them back the loan. Although I feel the information given are still not detail enough, at least it's much better than the one I received more than a year ago which were just bunch of meaningless accusation.

Look like I got no choice but to start the payback end of this year. In fact I never refuse to pay back all these while. I just waiting for clearer instruction from the authority concern so that the payback can be done smoothly.

There goes my money! :(


  1. you no good lah, refuse pay back, hahhhahahaha.... just kidding just kidding.

  2. 有借有还, 再借不难!finally they send you the reply... dont worry, just pay it... need help, let da jie know..k?


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