Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Local Specialty From Malacca

Recently a buddy of mine just went to Malacca for a visiting. He brought back a very famous Malacca specialty for me, the coconut dodol. Coconut dodol with Tan Kim Hock's brand is one of the most famous dodol in Malacca.

As stated at the bottom of the box, coconut dodol are made with the mixture of gula melaka, coconut flower water, coconut milk and glutinous rice flour. It also said that "Dodol was used in the ancient Malay community as an excellent gift to build good relationship. The lingering aroma of gula Melaka and the smooth creamy texture of this famous Malaysian delicacy were produced from the combination of traditional recipe and modern technology. "

Is it so? well, you judge yourself. Anyway, I care more about its taste. I can tell you that it really tastes nice! Just that it is a bit too sweet. The dodol really has very strong gula Melaka and coconut aroma and it's smooth on eating. Perhaps, you should try one if you happen to go to Malacca next time!

Thanks friend for bringing me such a nice food.

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