Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quantum of Solace Premiere Day

Today is the premiere showing of the latest James Bond 007 series - Quantum of Solace. My company's recreational club was organizing movie day for this box office movie where the club members could get the ticket at RM2 (limit to 1 ticket per member) per ticket and RM7 per ticket for consecutive tickets.

[Quantum of Solace poster in cineplex]

I bought 2 tickets and went to watch the movie with my buddy just now. We were full of excitement as we seldom have chance to watch a movie on its premiere day. When we arrived at the cinema - Kings Trioplex, as expected, the crowds were not that encouraging. Most people will choose to watch movie on Wednesday as it's called "movie day" where the tickets are sold cheaper.

[The crowds lined up for tickets]

[A scene at cineplex's lobby where crowds were waiting to watch their movies]

The movie is very nice to watch. As far as James Bond movie is concern, it is full of action, speed, sex and excitement. Quantum of Solace is not an exception. Although Daniel Craig was once being described as the ugliest James Bond of all time, but I think his acting skills is good. He can handle the character as Bond very well. Who said UK secret agent MI6 must be handsome? Although his look cannot be as nice as Brad Pitt, and as eyes-pleasing as Tom Cruise, but his attitude and seriousness towards the character is worth for compliment.

One more thing I like about Daniel Craig for being James Bond is his body shape. Try to see when he is wearing fitting overcoat. It is really smart and nice looking. Don't worry, I am not gay. In fact I seldom praise on guys' body shape but Daniel Graig is an exception. He really look tough and smart, and I guess this is what we need for James Bond character!

[Daniel Craig as James Bond]

As usual, Bond girls is another "MUST" feature in James Bond movie. There are 2 bond girls in Quantum of Solace acted by Gemma Arterton, an English actress and Olga Kurylenko , a Ukranian-born actress cum model. Olga Kurylenko gave me better impression as she had more role in the movie. She is a cool, tough and sexy girl. Gemma Arterton had minor role to play in the movie. I am not sure should I consider her as one of the Bond girl or just a helping actress because she just appeared on screen for a short period of time. However, she was the one sleeping with James Bond and not Olga Kurylenko. So, what do you think?

[Olga Kurylenko as Bond girl]

Anyway, in the movie she was found dead mysteriously on the bed drowned in crude oil. My friend told me it was mimic the scene of 1964 James Bond classic Goldfinger. What disappointed me is that it didn't explain or show how this happened instead just showed a dead body over the bed covered with sticky black liquid. Well, maybe it purposely wanted to create more space for imagination, but I guess I am just not artistic enough.

[Gemma Arterton as Bond girl]

One more thing I felt lack of logic in the film is when James Bond was navigating a big cargo aeroplane and was attacked by a small combat jet. Looks like James Bond not only good in car handling, he is a good pilot too. Controlling cargo plane for him was as easy as driving. He could fly the cargo plane at low altitude near mountain area and made turning, pull up and lower down as he wished. Well, maybe it is that easy to control a cargo plane which I never know. Maybe you can judge it by yourself.

[Movie scene - James Bond is going to navigate a cargo plane]

Although I have some opinion, but as a whole, Quantum of Solace was nice and worth of watching especially for action lovers. However, I will advice you to have some knowledge on Casino Royale, the previous James Bond movie acted by Daniel Craig if you want to understand the storyline of Quantum of Solace in details as both story have some linkage among them. Yet, if you just an action fanatic, then forget about it. Just get a ticket, sit in the cinema and enjoy the show!

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