Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mini Cucumber

Let me ask you a pretty easy question. What kind of vegetable shown in picture above? Emmm.. sorry, no prize for a the correct answer. 5 seconds from now!

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... time's up! Did you answer cucumber? But next time please answer louder so that I can hear you.

Well, your answer is partially correct. It's from cucumber family, but I will call it mini cucumber instead of just cucumber. Why? From how I called it, you should know why.

Yes! It's very small in size that's why I called it MINI cucumber. How mini can it be? Emmm.. as small as a thumb... I have picture to prove!

[Size of mini cucumber in relative of a thumb]

[Mini cucumbers on an adult's palm]

Maybe some of you may see this vegetable before but it's hardly found in the market. The size is really cute, it is just like a normal cucumber being shrunk by the shrinking machine taken from the movie "Honey, I shrunk the kids". The scale is about 20:1 of a normal cucumber.

[Mini cucumbers compare with a normal cucumber]

If you slice the mini cucumber into half, you will see the inner part is almost the same as a normal cucumber with plenty of seeds and juicy. If you bite it, it's crunchy.

[Sliced mini cucumber and its inner look]

How to eat it? Well let me ask you, how you eat cucumber then? Yes, you can eat it uncooked or it is just nice to fry with eggs. If you prefer more flavor, you can fry with eggs plus chinese pork sausage (not halal) as the mini cucumber itself doesn't have much taste. Cooking in this way will make the vege very tasty!

[Mini cucumbers, a normal cucumber and a thumb]


  1. Wen, I have almost forgotten this cucumber.... miss them so much...
    thks for sharing so that I will not forget this lovely vege that have been with us for more than 10 years if not mistaken..ya!

  2. I think is longer than that.. still one of my favorite vege!

  3. to be exact, 13 years. Time flies

  4. shit loh, not enough for u because too small, hahhahha....


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