Thursday, August 28, 2008

Face The Fact

Well.. I think I just have to face the fact. I had try my best, tried different ways, asked for various opinion, but I still failed to cure my notebook hard drive that seems to be corrupted yesterday.

Last night, a friend of mine sent me a small utility for hard disk recovery. I used the utility to create a boot disk or emergency disk, burnt it to a CD, then tried to boot my notebook with it. At first it looked good, my system booted up and execute the disk recovery utility on the CD. However, when it just about to start the recovery routine, an alert message popup saying that it couldn't access my hard drive because doing so will cause serious date corruption. So it asked me not the continue and quit. I got no choice so I just quited from it. My hope gone.

Today I tried to collect some opinions from my colleagues, as all are IT people, so I hope I can get some suggestion from them. Some told me to fix the master boot record (MBR) as the error message I shown to them is something related to MBR. However, how to fix the MBR is a big question.

There were also some suggested to format the drive. I think all their suggestion make sense. So just now I tried again, boot up with Windows XP CD then instead of choosing reinstall windows I chose to delete my C partition. I don't care anymore although I realized that will erase all my data in drive C. I don't have much data in that drive. Most are program files. What I am more concern is another partition which I stored quite a number of data in there. If I can access to the hard drive, then I can copy the data out.

But thing not going that smoothly. The windows setup screen show me a message saying "Your selected partition cannot be deleted". I worried about this already and it really happened. Can't even format my drive! Why cannot delete the partition? I just want to delete everything in it also cannot? Then what else can I do?

Maybe that gave me a message that I should face the fact that my hard drive is crashed totally and there is no more turning back beside losing all the data in it? I don't know, but I have to prepare for the worst!


  1. poor you wen... hope you take it easy... :-)

  2. Hi Wen, Jia fu here, Ms just announce 2 days ago they are planting a "Virus" on illegal XP. It apparently will go blank after 60 min - force you to reboot and another 60 min it will the go blank.

    If your problem is not because of this then looking at the condition your partition has been corrupted and recovery is most likely not possible... SO have to re-format install.


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