Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lady Bus Driver?

What do you think if you are boarding a bus driven by a lady? You feel the fear? The insecurity? Doubtful and unconfident?

I can tell you, you can just forget about the above feeling. Just sit back and relax! Women can also do the job as good as men! Trust me!

As I told you previously about my trip to Bintulu (Click here to read), on my way back, I was boarding a bus that's driven by a lady driver. I was shocked when I first saw her. I thought she was a bus conductor when she first walked into the bus. But then she walked to the bus driver seat, wear the driver uniform, then start the bus engine. At that moment, I still a bit doubt if she is really the driver. But when she sat onto the driver seat and reversed the bus, I knew and confirmed she is the one. She is the one that would drive me from Bintulu to Sibu.

I was anxious, anxious about how good her driving skills is. As there were only 3 passengers including me in the bus, I moved from 2nd row seat to the 1st row, the one just behind the bus driver. I wanted to see how good this lady can control this big vehicle.

Surprisingly she did a great job! I could see her seated steadily while controling the big round bus steering. I like her style, she was driving with full confidence! I tried to observe how good is her overtaking skills on the small and narrow 2-way road (bear in mind, this is Sarawak, no highway even it's a long distance journey). She was doing extremely well in overtaking. She sounded the horn lightly twice everytime she tried to overtake the car in front of her to signal and alert them. I think this is a good practice in driving.

Her driving speed is not too rude, just like a typical man's driver speed. I forgot to take a look at the speed meter. Should be around 80-100km/h.

One thing I have to mention, about her attitude towards her job. As we all know, bus driver usually pick up passengers along the journey to the destination. She also did the same thing. There were 2 passengers boarded the bus in Selangau. So, as usual, she collected the money, then issued 2 tickets to them. Most of the bus drivers didn't do so. They will just collect the money without issuing tickets. So you all know where the money goes to. Of course masuk poket sendiri la.. (into their own pocket). Her honesty should become an example to follow.

When the bus reached the bus terminal at about 1.30pm, she parked the bus with care. When walked down the bus, I was thinking to say thank you and told her how great she is. But I am a shy guy, so didn't have the courage to do so. But in my heart, I thanked her with full admiration.

I salute her for her courage, her attitude towards job and her driving ethics. She had prove to us that a woman can do men's job as good as men or sometimes even better than them!

Oh ya, forgot to mention, I think she is a chinese because I heard she talked mandarin and some foochow too...

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