Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt. I think before Beijing Olympic, not much people know about what this term mean. For a scientist, he/she may think maybe it's a new kind of lightning just discovered by some great scientist at the other part of the world?
New kind of lightning bolt found by a scientist named Usain is called Usain Bolt?

Or for an engineer, he/she may feel it might be some newly invented screw bolt?

Is this the bolt called Usain Bolt?

Well, I can tell you the above statements are wrong! In this Beijing Olympic, we witnessed what Usain Bolt is! He's actually the fastest man on earth in this decade.

Usain Bolt, a 21 years old Jamaican sprinter had break the 100m world record with 9.69 seconds in Beijing Olympic without a favourable wind (+0.0 m/s). He's the first person on the earth who can run 100m under 9.70 seconds. Before this, he's actually the 100m world record holder with 9.72 seconds which he made in Reebok Grand Prix earlier this year.

Just now Usain Bolt - the fastest man on earth had proved to the world that why he deserved to be called so. He won his second gold medal in Beijing Olympic by winning 200m with the record breaking result of 19.30 seconds. This is not only the 2nd gold, but also the 2nd world record for him in short distance running. 200m world record is previously hold by Michael Johnson of USA 19.32 seconds in 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

This is Usain Bolt, the 100m and 200m world records holder and currently the fastest man on earth.

He's the 2nd sprinter after Carl Lewis of USA who won the double gold medals in 100m and 200m events in a single Olympics game. Carl Lewis did it in 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

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  1. I dont really have time to watch Olympics at all... so, thanks for sharing. He's really fast, hoh!


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