Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend in Bintulu

I was in Bintulu on last weekend after receiving an invitation from a childhood buddy of mine who just moved to the new house. He organized a small party just to celebrate this event. I was there for 3 days 2 nights.

I went there on 9th Aug. Went there a day earlier just to meet him and spent some time with him. We knew each other and became friend since we were in primary school. He was in the same class with me from Primary one till Form 5! We used to go to school and joining activities together from primary to secondary school. But since few years ago, he got a job in Bintulu, and from that time on, we rarely meet each other but still keep in touch.

I feel happy for him. He's doing well in his career as an accountant of a private company and now he's having a new house - a well renovated double storey terrace house.

The party consisted of 2 session. 1st session started on 7.30pm and 2nd one was around 10pm especially for his colleagues. Although the party started at night, but we were getting busy since morning.

We went for shopping for necessities and foods. Bought about 20kgs of chicken wings - the most chicken wings I ever bought. Half of the chicken wings were used for barbeque and the other half for deep fry.

Various foods were served on the party. From non-halal to halal foods. Picture below shows part of it.. any of the foods make you drooling?

The party finished on about 12am. Then my friend and I was doing cleaning up till about 2am before I took my bath and sleep.

Although it was a bit tiring.. but I enjoyed the whole process from the preparation to the cleaning up.

Thank you my friend for the invitation and hospitality!

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