Sunday, August 17, 2008

No Olympic Gold Medal for Malaysia

I think just now the whole focus of Malaysian was on the Beijing Olympic badminton man's single final where our country's best man single player Lee Chong Wei, who is also the world number 2 player currently was playing against current world no.1, Lin Dan from China, the home team.
[Lin Dan]

Most of us are expect for a close fight between the two top badminton players in the world in this decade. However, out of our expectation when we saw Chong Wei was beaten by Lin Dan in straight set, 12-21 and 8-21! Yes, this is the final result of the badminton man's single final Beijing Olympic 2008! Believe your eyes although it's not easy to believe. Still can't believe it? Then just slap yourself on the cheek, either side or both. If you feel the pain, then you are not dreaming.

Can you feel the difference between Chong Wei before and on the final? Before the final, on the group and elimination stage, Chong Wei looked calm and confident. He got no pressure on his face, so he played very well and beat his opponents almost in straight set except in the semi-final, he needed rubber set to beat Lee Hyun-Il from South Korea. Tonight, on the final, I am not sure if you did realize, Chong Wei's face expression was different. He looked nervous, lack of confident and pressure. I know I am not a fortune teller who can see through a person's mind by his look, but trust me I could really see Chong Wei's worry on his face.

[Lee Chong Wei]

I think he's worry because he realized Lin Dan is his strongest opponent who is hard to be beaten. History shows that Lin Dan has better winning record when both met in tournaments. Psychologically, it lower down Chong Wei's confident level when facing Lin Dan. Then, Lin Dan had home court advantage where thousands of China supporters were cheering and shouting for him! In the other hand, Chong Wei was carrying thousands of Malaysian's hope to get the first ever Olympic gold medal for the country. These direct or indirectly had bring a lot of pressure and burden on Chong Wei's shoulder.

Being a world class badminton player, the above are all excuses. A professional player should have stronger mindset. That's why, psychology and mental of our athletes need to be strengthen further to face all kind of situation in big tournaments such as Olympic. They needs to be brain washed that they are the best and on top of the world. I think this is the biggest challenge Malaysia needs to get over before can win the first ever gold medal in Olympic games.

Anyway, we all know that Chong Wei had try his best. We can see his efforts, his spirit and desire to attempt for the gold medal. So, well-done, Chong Wei! We are proud of you! You did a great job. It's not the color of medal but your fighting spirit and dedication that make Malaysian proud!

[From left: Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Chen Jin]

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  1. Wen, well, at least now, we save the RM1 million ringgit (is it?) that government suppose to give to gold medalist... hehehe..
    dajie (cutie pie)


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