Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Google Olympic Logo

I am not sure if you did notice that Google had created a series of Olympic Logo during the 16 days of the Olympic season. I downloaded the whole set because I think it's very meaningful and is kind of cute. There are 17 of them, everyday one kind from the opening ceremony day till the closing. The artist used the 12 animals in chinese zodiac to represent the Chinese culture as the Olympic was held in Beijing, China. Just in case you don't know what these 12 animals are, they are rat, cow, tiget, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

Oh ya.. I just found out, the artist is a Korean. His name is Dennis Hwang (Hwang Jung-moak), a 23-year-old computer artist.

Here they are:

This one is on opening ceremony, 08/08/2008
See the 5 cuttie "Fu Wa" Olympic mascots are marching carrying Olympic torch and flag.

This is on the second day, 09/08/2008Wow.. you are cool with sun-glasses Mr Goat! You look professional!

The third day, 10/08/2008
Are you kidding me? A rat doing weightlifting? I would believe if it's an elephant. But elephant is not among the 12 chinese zodiac animals, so just a rat will be fine. Elephants are scared of rats, so we can assume that the rats are stronger than elephants. Maybe that's why rat is chosen for this sports?

The 4th day, 11/08/2008
It's cute, isn't it? A piggy doing platform diving. See how concentrate he is? The somersault is good but I am doubt about the entry...

The 5th day, 12/08/2008
Mr Cow, opss.. sorry, should be Miss Cow because rythmic gymnastics is only for female. Well, Miss Cow did a great job in controling the ribbon. She made an "O" for the word Google. So I guess she can score good points.

The 6th day, 13/08/2008Mr Monkey on rings in artistic gymnastic. That's too easy for you Mr Monkey.

The 7th, 14/08/2008Rat playing basketball with dragon! Dragon is doing slam dunk. I don't think the rat can reach him to block the ball.

The 8th, 15/08/2008Tiger is strong and fast. So I guess he can play badminton well.

The 9th, 16/08/2008
The horse kicks the soccer ball into the goal trying to score and snake is the goalkeeper? I just can't imagine how the snake can catch that ball. So, this must be a goal for the horse team.

The 10th, 17/08/2008
Doggies are doing rowing. Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, chasing olympic dream!

On the 11th day, 18/08/2008
Chinese always dominate PingPong sport. Chinese usually call themselves as "Heirs of Dragon"(龙的传人). I think that's the reason why dragon was chosen to represent this sport.

On the 12th day, 19/08/2008
Snakes are naturally good swimmer. See how far he left his opponent behind?

On the 13th, 20/08/2008
Track and field. Do you think rabbit can run as far as horse? But rabbit is good in jumping. Maybe he can win the long jump or high jump event.

14th day, 21/08/2008
See, I told you, rabbit is good in jumping. Mr rabbit is pole vaulting without using a pole! How amazing!

15th day, 22/08/2008The rooster is playing baseball. He's the pitcher, the person who throws the ball to the catcher.

16th day, 1 days remaining to closing ceremony, 23/08/2008Martial Arts. Mr Tiger fighting with Mr Monkey. It reminds you about Kungfu Panda?

On the closing ceremony day, 24/08/2008
This one is so nice. Every one win a medal. The 12 animals in chinese zodiac are all here. All are smiling, happy and enjoying the game. What a happy ending.

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