Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Rescue Mission

First of all, thanks for all for giving me suggestions and opinions about my hard drive problem. I had tried almost all the method to rescue the hard drive. But till this moment of writing, all the methods couldn't work out.

Last night I tried again. Firstly, I tried to delete the C partition which content my windows files using Windows XP CD setup routine.As you can see from the picture above I pressed "D" in order to delete the selected partition.
Then I pressed "Enter" to prepare for partition deletion followed by "L" to confirm delete. But sadly to show that this is what I get.It said the partition cannot be deleted. Ok done. I can't do anything with that message, can I? So, I proceed with the next method, that was repair the Windows with Recovery Console.
In the Recovery Console, first of all, I tried to check disk. This is one solution I found on the Internet. Well, it can't do much but at least I want to know what happened to my hard disk.
HAHA!! I think by looking at the image above, you knew already what happened! The check disk stopped at 41% and telling me that my drive contains unrecoverable problems!! So, now what else? Ok, a colleague told me maybe I should fix my Master Boot Record (MBR). I wanted to try. But how? I googling it and found the command. So, I just tried.
I didn't continue because I am worried maybe I will lose all my data in the hard drive if I continue to create a new MBR. But it doesn't mean that I won't try. I will, but maybe this is my last choice. Then, suddenly came to my mind, I can try to format the drive with this command console.Everything looked good when I did the formating. The formatting progress shown from 1% slowly to 100% completed as shown. I was quite excited. I thought finally I successfully did something on the hard drive. I thought I had formatted it! Yes!

So what I do next? The drive was formatted, so next step have to be install a new copy of Windows XP into the drive! So I followed the Windows XP installation routine which lead me to choose the action to install the Windows XP. And this is what I got:Aduh!!! Same old message la!! The drive not being formatted at all! My rescue mission failed again!! After that, I just switched off the notebook and prepared to sleep!

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