Saturday, April 6, 2013

Malaysian Armed Forces Open Day

These photographs ain't taken at Lahad Datu. Yeah! They're taken in Sibu in conjunction of Malaysian Armed Forces a.k.a. Angkatan Tentera Malaysia Open Day 2013 @ Sibu Town Square 2nd phase.

The 3 day's event (5 - 7 April) is themed "Armies and citizen are always together" (Tentera dan Rakyat Sentiasa Bersama). I met some of the very friendly armies who tried his best to explain what are the roles and functions of these armies' vehicles to me.

This is Truck 3/4 Ton GS Cargo 4x4 Isuzu D-Max Commonrail 3.0L. It has capacity for 10 passengers. Its functions include as observation vehicle and provides logistic support services.

This is a Mobile Fuel Dispensing System:

Truck 3 Ton GS Cargo 4x4 HICOM Handalan II with 22-passengers' capacity. It has been used as logistical vehicle for fetching the armies, necessities and equipment at operation area.

Truck AMDAC 4x4 Machinery 12.184 F.A.E.G. The largest truck in the exhibition. Used for engineering and repairing supports.

Truck 3 Ton Kembalik Ringan 4x6 M/Benz LA 911C/42R Diesel. A very old truck yet still in use. It's a light towing truck for vehicles less than 5 ton. It is used to tow the damaged vehicles from the operation area.

Armies operation container and communication equipment


Foods supplies for armies


As a conclusion, I personally feel a bit disappointed with this exhibition. No military weapons and combat vehicles have been showcased and military booths and exhibition are just the minor part of the whole event. It couldn't serve the event title "Malaysian Armed Forces Open Day" and it is more to "some-carnival-with-armed-forces-participation".

Big bikers also participate in the event. So if you are fan of big bikers... don't forget to pay a visit!


  1. Cool..I've missed the one held here in Kuching. Dang it.

  2. Hai Lindy! Yes... it's nice... but I wish more military weapons could be displayed to the public... ;)

  3. HI, could i get the spec of this vehicle Truck 3/4 Ton GS Cargo 4x4 Isuzu D-Max Commonrail 3.0L?


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