Wednesday, May 1, 2013

GE13 - The Poster War in Sibu

One of the most interesting part of General Election in Sibu is the poster war between the major political parties based in the town of Swan, which are Democratic Action Party (DAP) and Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP) who contest under the flag of Dacing. There is a unwritten saying that Sibu is the town which has the greatest poster war in the country! I wouldn't feel surprise at all if this is true since the candidates for Dacing here are either backing by tycoons or the local tycoons a.k.a. the tawkays themselves who are financially strong and solid!

Along the major roads and junction, billboards, buntings and banners could be seen. However, in this GE13, BN's material obviously overshadowed DAP's. DAP's billboards message are simple and straightforward "change the governance, eliminate the corruption and misuse of power" whereas BN-SUPP are more variety which emphasize on education, development and hudud law. Yeah... the same old trick that had been used for the past n-years!

Lets enjoy some of the photos Just Sharing taken on the poster war in Sibu for the 13th General Election mostly taken in the town area! For those who couldn't back to Sibu for voting, hopefully you can feel the election heat and the ambiance here!


  1. The greatest poster war in this country is in Putrajaya! It is everywhere. Not taking into account that there are flyers to our houses every day.


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