Saturday, May 25, 2013

ZenQ Desserts @ Medan Commercial Center, Sibu

Taiwanese style milk tea and desserts stores are springing up like mushrooms in the town of Sibu recently. First, we have Easy Drink Easy Go as the pioneer of Taiwan style beverages business in Sibu. Then WikiTea, Buolomi, Each A Cup, RQ Tea Bar, Share Tea and etc followed the business trend closely one after another.

Recent added to the list.... there are Easy Drink Easy Go Mesona, BlackBall and ZenQ Desserts. These franchise are mainly focus on selling Taiwanese style desserts apart from varieties of drinks.

Just visited ZenQ Desserts @ Medan Commercial Center Sibu yesterday with colleagues. It's the newest and latest addition to Taiwanese style desserts shop in Sibu which started the business just couple of days ago. As we are bunch of typical "kiannai" Sibu people, therefore we decided to give it a try while it is still fresh and "chi"!

The store selling wide variant of beverages ranging from desserts of Grass Jelly series, Red Bean series, Barley series, Sago series and Shaved ice series to cooling drinks of Freshly Made series and Ice Tea series.

As it was my virgin visit to the store and my first trial on Taiwanese style desserts, I have no idea which to order looking at the long list. However, as the weather was hot that day, the shaved ice series caught my eyes. After a long thought, I finally decided to try ZenQ Shaved Ice while most of my colleagues were attracted by Mango Sago which was one of the recommended item on the menu. Another one ordered ZenQ Signature Grass Jelly.

Mango Sago was a big disappointment for all my colleagues who ordered it. From its Chinese name 芒果西米捞 (Mang Guo Xi Mi Lao), everyone was expecting a dessert with Mango fruit's flesh in it. However, the outcome was totally out of their expectation. No Mango flesh in the dessert but only Sago rice and a scoop of ice cream in a Mango flavored beverage. It's RM6.90 per serving.

[ZenQ signature Shaved Ice]

My ZenQ signature Shaved Ice was a big surprise! It came out as a super big bowl! Everyone was extra excited when seeing it. It contains 9 pieces of Q Yuan, "Pearls", Grass Jelly (a.k.a. cincau) and light milky flavor shaved ice!

[ZenQ signature Shaved Ice]

The shaved ice portion is really big! It is cooling and refreshing and best to have during big hot day! It is time consuming to finish up the entire bowl of the shaved ice. So if you are planning to spend longer time while chit chatting with family and friends there, I recommend these shaved ice series! ZenQ Shaved Ice is priced RM6.50 per bowl.

[ZenQ Signature Grass Jelly]

ZenQ Signature Grass Jelly has similar ingredient as ZenQ Shaved Ice but it has Crystal Noodles in addition and the base of the dessert is not the milk shaved ice, but 3 scoops of special flavor base ice. Customers can choose their own base ice flavor from Grass Jelly, Matcha to Natural Soya flavor! It is RM7.50 per bowl.

Any of the dessert series you ordered are customizable by adding extra toppings into them depend on individual preference and creativity. Some of this toppings cost you RM1.00 and some are RM1.50 each.

There are a lot more on the menu that worth to "explore". I bet I'll visit again the store for this reason in the future!

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