Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sibu Lake Garden @ Permai Sibu

Sibu Lake Garden is one of the few recreational park available in the town of Swan. Situated inside the housing area called Permai, Sibu Lake Garden also been known as Permai Lake Garden or Sibu Lakeside Garden.

According to a trusted source, this garden covering an area of around 130 acres and is a joint project between Sibu Municipal Council and National Landscape Department under the "Taman Awan Scheme". No detail on this scheme, maybe you can googling it! ;)

At its earlier stage, the garden only consists of lakes, fountain and nice landscape. Children love to play with water at the shallow pool while remote control enthusiasts utilized the lake facility as the venue to show off their radio controlled boat.

Recently the garden became more happening with the addition of new concrete structures which was named "Lakeside Corridor". The highlight of this corridor is a building which is conical in shape and mimic the Melanau traditional craft - Terendak hat or Melanau ethnic in some area called it as Tapou.

Beside the conical building is Lakeside Corridor restaurant.

The dining area of the restaurant which is facing the lake is a good place to dine on while enjoying the relaxing ambiance of the lake view.

In front of the dining area, there is a small section equipped with golf training facilities for golf enthusiasts to train their wood swinging skills! You may feel curious where the golf ball will be landed?! If I tell you the balls will fall into the lake, will you believe?

Yes!! That's exactly what happened!! The golfer will just let the balls to fall into the water! Luxury? But the trick is.... natural flow of the lake water will then bring all these balls back to the edge and the golfer can then scoop up the balls using the hand net or dip net.

So far I have no information if this golfing facility is open for public or just for private use. However, what is for sure is that the pedal boats are ready to be rented with charges of RM3 per head for 20 minutes of pedaling on the lake.

However, I strongly believe that whoever operate this boat pedaling business should improve the quality of the pedal boats in order to attract more people to ride on them.

There is also a boardwalk or jogging trek facilities which I didn't explore. Anyhow, I believe Sibu Lake Garden is a good recreational park for family activities during leisure and certainly worth a visit for its great relaxing ambiance and pretty landscape.


  1. Wah, purposely go shoot photo ar.

  2. no... went there to have a walk and look around with family... hehe...

  3. 阿宅

  4. 最近人家有改颜色eh,看那蓝天白云,湖中倒影,几漂亮一下。

  5. 开玩笑,傻瓜相机一样可以做得到的!!加油加油!!

  6. 在簡單不過!安裝免費的photoshop action... 之後就按個play...覺得漂亮就save下來分享!! 哈哈哈!! 七人一個!!

  7. perh... soft lights effect with Gaussian blur motion.

  8. Photoshop memang pandai! kakakaka!

  9. 贯彻 “A small camera but big passion...” 精神!

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