Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Glance At DAESCO Hypermarket Sibu

No doubt the hottest table topic of Sibu people recently is about the completion of the latest shopping complex called Star Mega Mall and the opening of the first hypermarket in the region - DAESCO hypermarket.

Star Mega Mall and its main tenant DAESCO hypermart was developed and operated by Daesim Group. Located at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman Sibu, it is reachable by 10-15 minutes of driving distance from Sibu town center.

At this moment of writing, the mall itself has not yet entirely completed, but Daesco hypermarket had started its business (soft opening) on 29th July 2011 (Friday). I believe many Sibuians were "long necked" for this day for quite some times as they were lack of place to spend their leisure and weekend.

Yeah! I admit I am a typical Sibuian and thus I took the break on Sunday noon to take a look on this new place. As expected, the place was flooded with cars but luckily the parking space is big enough and it didn't took me long to get myself a parking space.

Entering the building, there are shoplots on the ground floor, but most shops are not yet open for business. The hypermarket is located on the 1st floor and viable through a long escalator.

Nothing much to elaborate about the hypermart, just a typical hypermart with tall racks, lots of trollies, long row of checkout counters, tonnes of goods and daily necessities which you can purchase on. I believe these photos are self-explanatory enough on its outlook. It is a pretty warehouse style of hypermarket with no fancy interior design.

Frozen foods department is not yet ready.

There is a special section for selling non-halal products and also wine and liquors.

The other direction on this 1st floor is the departmental store mainly for selling children and men's attires.

The corridor-style 2nd floor is mainly for women's attires.

There are still quite a lot of efforts need to be done to make this place a better and comfortable choice of shopping, including the air conditional, the lighting, arrangement as well as some polishing and cleaning touch up. As this is just a soft opening, I believe the management is working hard on all these to make this place the first choice of shopping for the people from central region of Sarawak.


  1. Wonder if the goods pricing is one of the lowest in Sibu

  2. 我去了两次了,哈哈哈。。

  3. Will not be the lowest... but some items maybe cheaper... hope it is not for promotion period only...

  4. Sparkish: 你可能是去過最多次的詩巫人!! 哈哈哈!!

  5. wah,,, tESCO look alike. bet there will compete with the new giant at ulu sg.merah

  6. I believe Tesco is much happening than this one... :p


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