Sunday, August 7, 2011

Festive Feel @ Ramadhan Bazaar Sibu 2011

Yes! Is time for Ramadhan Bazaar again! Every year, during the sacred month of Ramadhan in Islamic calendar where Muslims community are having their fasting month, Ramadhan Bazaar will become the center of attraction for source of Malay delicacies.

Ramadhan Bazaar in Sibu is special in a way that it had became a festival-like occasion where it is a "must-go" event and people come here regardless of race and religious view just to either enjoy the lively ambiance, spend their leisure during weekend or purely for the delicious and tempting foods!

There are wide range of Malay's delicacies to test your temptation threshold at this Bazaar, from traditional pastries, variety of Malay's dishes, snacks, stir fried foods, deep fried foods to barbecue foods. Visitors are free to enjoy the foods they bought on spot, but for sense of respect, preventing to eat in front of Muslim while they are fasting is of course a great deed to yourself!

Keropok Lekor is one of my favorite snacks among the Malay's delicacies.

Deep fried foods are so tempting, but "heaty" to body.

Discovered a stall with very unique decoration to attract customers. Are they selling croc or spider's meat too??!! :p

During the big hot day, stalls selling cold drinks and beverages always receive overwhelmed customers.

These ABC (Air Batu Campur) look attractive and colorful, but don't be surprised if they are really "air batu campur" (mixed ice) with toppings where you get a lot of air batu, but little of other ingredients. ;p Anyway and anyhow, these cold and sweet drinks are really SUPER fantastic in quench the thirst during the hot hot day!! RM2.50 for a package!

Sugar cane juice is also one of the most favorite stall at Ramadhan Bazaar of Sibu located at 2nd phase of Sibu town square.

Pulut Panggang fanatic??? Here you go! Fresh and baked on the spot!

Roasted honey chicken (Ayam madu) and satay? You won't missed them! Look for stalls with plenty of smokes at the right hand side of the bazaar!

Of course there are a lot more nice foods which I couldn't mention them one by one here, such as Kebab, Roti John, Nasi Briyani, Nasi Tomato, bubur lambuk and so on and so forth (yeah... forgive me for drooling when mention about them), so why don't you visit the bazaar to have a look yourself? 

Reminder: Bring your hat or cap or whatever that can protect you from direct sun exposure when visit the place during hot day. I felt like almost pengsan this afternoon when visiting it at around 4pm under the hot sun. Is this a symptom of aging??? *_* 


  1. I kind of like the character of the seller selling the madu ayam. Very funny guy indeed

  2. I think he's there every year...


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