Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Glance @ GIANT Hypermarket Sibu

Sibu is so happening and people here are so busy these days. First, they were busy observing the opening of the 1st hypermarket in Sibu, the DAESCO Hypermarket about 2 weeks ago and the latest, Sibu people are busy with the newly opened GIANT hypermarket at Jalan Ling Kai Cheng.

Giant Hypermarket was officially opened for business on 12th August 2011 (Friday). Sibu people had been commonly waiting for this day for some times when the banners about the opening could be seen everywhere in Sibu town quite ages ago. As Siburians are basically lack of fresher place to go during leisure and the new Star Mega Mall with DAESCO Hypermart in it was a bit disappointed as it still not really in shape yet, thus locals are putting their hope towards this GIANT Hypermarket.

In fact, a day before the official opening, some Siburians already lost their patient and "raid" the place even though it was only soft-open to invited guests. Yeah! This is what Sibu people is all about... the "Kiannai-ness" (extreme curiosity syndrome) is just irresistible!

As a locally born, I inherited some "kiannai" spirit as well. I had visited the place on the 2nd day of its official opening. Yeah...I know the place will be damn packed and crowded! I know I'll be caught in long traffic queue! I had heard a lot about the jammed condition, I just don't care but to show I am just another regular "kiannai" Sibu guy!

Once stepped into the building compound, the feeling was just so different from my first step into Star Mega Mall. The variety of shop design and renovation, the lighting, the air conditional, everything and everything had been dominated by GIANT. Perhaps it is not fair to compare Star Mega Mall with Giant shopping complex at this stage as the previous just having a soft launching and the building just partially in operation. But in term of hypermarket arrangement and management, no doubt GIANT has better experience and more organized as this is its 121st store in the country while DAESCO is just at their first attempt in hypermarket.

Yeah! This is the true hypermarket I was waiting for!!! Maybe I am over excited, some people may feel what's the big deal? It's just a Giant Hypermarket!!?!! Maybe is true, for those living in big cities like KL or used to stay in metropolitan, it's really nothing so big deal as hypermarkets and shopping complexes are everywhere. But as far as small town like Sibu is concern, having an organized hypermarket in town means another choice of shopping among the limited and place to spend leisure with family. It is a big deal really! ;)

This Giant Hypermarket had given me a new experience and excitement of shopping in Sibu. Now, we can have a very "KL" feel of shopping. The goods in the hypermarket had been arranged neatly on the racks with large volume. There are wide range of choices for each variation of item. Basically, you can get any daily life necessities here ranging from DIY hardware, electrical appliances, furniture, camping equipment, bicycles, clothes, footwears, car accessories to wide range of consumable and raw foods and etc and etc. 

Yes! Fresh market is also here! Local and imported fruits, vegetables, raw fish, chicken and beef, even the marinated meats are available for your convenience.


Fresh bakery? Yes... you got it! Right away from the bakery kitchen! Fresh and hot!

Lazy to cook? Cooked foods and snacks such as roasted chicken, fish balls and nuggets, fried rice and dishes are ready to purchase!

There is also a non-halal section to sell beers and liquors.

As conclusion, GIANT hypermarket is a one-stop shopping center for daily needs and necessities under one roof. I know other supermarkets in Sibu may also offer the same service, you can argue that it's because I am still fresh with it that leads me for such comments. Maybe you are right, but not neccessary totally right. It is the wide range of choices, more modern cum open management style that make it different from other supermarkets.

Go there and experience the ambiance yourself... perhaps you will agree with me after that, or perhaps it's just a purely fresh?!?!! For your info, Sibu GIANT Hypermarket is the first GIANT Hypermarket in Sarawak, and the next one will be in Miri which will be opened in a very near future.


  1. haha ... free advertising for GIANT.

  2. Its location might spell trouble as the hypermarket is located at the flood zone. One thing Sibu benefit from this hypermarket is free parking. In KL or Selangor, even parking need to pay

  3. Sparkish: just few small cats somehow view this blog... so even a free advertisement also won't affect much.

    Falcon: Don't worry... the water pumps already been built... now "heard" they open tender to korek river... maybe after this no more flood in Sibu.. ;)

  4. next is at Tabuan Jaya, followed by Kota Padawan. Both will open 25 August... Miri is not very soon...

  5. hahaa... I see Kucing Putih... thanks for the info!

  6. You try to google "daesco hypermarket", 4 out of top five results are from this blog!

  7. hahaa... because there is no other bloggers who care to write such a boring topic!! Only this one... the very amateur blogger who got nothing to write! kakakaka!

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