Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sibu Open Badminton Championship 2011 @ Thumb's Up Badminton Academy

Roundtree-Reliance Transport Sibu Open Badminton Championship 2011 is currently held at Thumb's Up Badminton Academy badminton courts located at Level 12 of Multistorey Carpark, Central Market Sibu. For local badminton enthusiasts, this is one of the highest prestige badminton tournament in Sibu annually held by Sibu Badminton Association.

Differ from previous years, this year's tournament had been shifted to Thumb's Up Badminton Academy's hall which provides international standard of Taraflex flooring technology and more complete facilities like proper shower rooms and changing rooms. If you wish to know more about the facility, read my previous entry "Now Everyone Can Play!".

As the facility is up to international standard, thus this year's tournament is more special with the presence and participation of some well-known west Malaysia's badminton players. These players include former national team men's double cum former national badminton coach Yap Kim Hock, former national team single player Kuan Beng Hong, once Malaysia's number 2 doubles Mohd Fairuzizuan Mohd Tazari and Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif.

[Former national player Kuan Beng Hong waiting for service]

There are more peninsular men's and women's players who took part in this year's event with some of them might be in national team but I personally not recognize them including the Latif brothers Mohd Razif and Mohd Najib in men's double.

[Former national coach Yap Kim Hock kind enough to pose in front of my cam! Thanks coach Yap!]

This afternoon I was lucky enough to be able to witness Yap Kim Hock playing in mixed double where he teamed up with a local player, but too bad his team lost in the match and fail to advance to the next round. I was late for Fairuzizuan and Mohd Zakry's match which was scheduled at 8pm tonight. They should be able to advance to final I believe.

 [Mohd Zakry (left) and Fairuzizuan Tazari (right) kind enough to pose in front of my cam! Thanks both!]

[Yap in mixed double]

One thing to emphasize - Thumb's Up Badminton Academy Sdn Bhd had been using "Now Everyone Can Play" as their company's slogan which was initiated by me in my write-up introducing their facilities about 8 months ago!! Honestly, I didn't get a penny from this, they don't even know who the hell I am... but I think I am quite proud with it though!! ;)

Sibu Badminton Open 2011 will be held from 18th-21st August. The more important thing is - the admission is free!!! So, if you wish to see national players in action, it is still not too late for that. Just visit to Thumb's Up Badminton Academy at Level 12 Central Market Sibu tomorrow! Sorry, I don't have the schedule about the event, just read tomorrow's newspaper and you may get some tips from there!

[Latif brothers in action (correct me if I am wrong)]

[Yap Kim Hock in action]

[Kuan Beng Hong in action]

[Latif brother in action]

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