Friday, August 26, 2011

The Disappeared Tower

Sibu people are commonly used to the existence of the telecommunication tower near TM Point at Jalan Keranji / Booke Drive including myself. It has been standing tall and straight at the location and served the Sibu people for more than 5 decades perhaps.

However, for unknown reason, this telecommunication tower had been dismantled recently (about 2 weeks ago). The dismantling works weren't easy. Workers have to take risks to climb to the top of the high tower and dismantled it segment by segment.

At this moment, the tower couldn't be seen anymore as it was entirely removed. Supposed there are 2 telco towers and now became one.

I personally feel not use to its removal as I had been seeing these towers almost daily from my home since I was small. Sometimes when I look on the tower's direction, I would have a very strange "illusion optic" feeling - is the tower covered by thick cloud today? But I know the answer is a NO! The fact is the tower had already been totally removed from our sight and the thing left is only the memories!

More pictures about the tower, you can try the following link:


  1. I didn't even realize the tower has gone.

  2. Already gone for almost 2 weeks..
    At first I thought just top of the tower was covered by cloud... but after look carefully it wasn't! Then I just realized they were removing it from top! Quite a amazing work!

    Some people may not realize it is gone, but for me seeing the tower almost everyday, so if one gone means I'll feel something was lacking when I look at that direction.

  3. coz now telekom need to use SACOFA tower in Sarawak.


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