Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Short Reunion at Roomate's Wedding

Just back from Kuching. Went there with my buddy Chun to attend University's friends Lian Hin and Linda's wedding dinner. Lian Hin was my roommate for 2 years when we stayed in hostel whereas Linda was my coursemate as well. Both of them were holding hands since the day I knew them but I guess their love started much earlier than that. After many years of "love marathon", they finally chose to become official couple on 4th of July 2009!

I felt very honored to be invited to the wedding reception with other university buddies, Anita, PY, Kayel and Chun. This was a good opportunity for us to have a small reunion after we graduated. Actually about 3 years ago we almost got the chance to have the reunion when Anita was getting married. Yet, because of some unavoidable reason, Chun couldn't attend the dinner. But this time, all of us made it. Kayel flew all the way from Singapore at the very last minute just to make this reunion a success!

We had a great time at the wedding dinner which was held at Lee Garden Restaurant in Hock Lee Center.We chit chatted like old days, laughed like old days, made fun of each others like old days... Wow! The feeling was indescribably wonderful! It was just like we back to the past with time machine where we used to study together, attend lecturing and even sit together in the lecture hall, doing assignment as a group, modify coding from the same source (ssshhhhhh...), breakfast, lunch and dinner together and the list go on! We almost did everything together (except slept on the same bed of course) but surprisingly non of us end up as couple! Although I guess some sparks did occur between some of us, but at the end it couldn't develop to be the fire. Well... maybe this is our destiny, this is our fate, our fate to be forever buddies!

I appreciate this friendship very much and I know so as them. That's why Kayel made last minute decision to fly all the way from Singapore just for one night stay to join us. Anita and PY never hesitated to spend their time bringing us around Kuching and tried to give the best hospitality they could. PY also made her efforts to brought us to taste Kuching foods we missed a lot and also to track back our memory lane. Hopefully I will try to reveal about these in my coming posts.

Back to Lian Hin and Linda's wedding. I felt so happy for them as their coursemate cum friend. Lian Hin is a very shy and low profile guy. We never had any arguement throughout 2 years of stay in Sri Muara hostel No. 98 house. I learnt a lot from him especially about computer and hardware stuffs. We also used to play Counter Strike as a team to fight with our "enemies" next door. I really missed those time very much!

Whereas Linda is a very softspoken lady. Although I didn't know her as much as Lian Hin, but her love towards Lian Hin never change since the day I knew her. Usually no matter where Lian Hin went, you would likely see Linda was accompany at his side and finally both of them chose to be a couple! I really felt proud and happy for them!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish them have a blessed marriage and wish that their love will last forever! Happiness forever my roommate!

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  1. they ask you "that" question or not ?! haha...


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