Sunday, December 2, 2012

Shell LEGO Ferrari Miniature - FXX

Shell LEGO Ferrari miniature promotion is back for its 2nd phase! The promotion which is back on 29th November added 3 more Ferrari cars' model to the purchasing list. The FXX, F40 and Scuderia Ferrari Truck.

Ferrari FXX had become my first choice out of the 3. I personally felt the black design with a white stripe make it looks so cool and mysterious! FXX is actually the high performance race car and prototype built by Ferrari in Maranello, Italy from 2005-2007 and it is one of the most powerful car in the world!

When unpacked, there are total of 56 LEGO bricks and parts involved in the forming of this FXX model. As the car is black in color so most of the parts are black - 38 of them, 7 in red, 2 in light grey, 1 in blue, 4 tyres, 4 rims, a box of sticker and a instruction manual.

It's one of the most complicated model to assemble among the 6 in total. However, it didn't poses much problems since the instruction manual illustrated steps clearly. Just that you need to be more careful and details when referring to it since some of the steps involved more than one parts.

The rims of this FXX are very nice and special! Take a close look:

Here are the experience of assembling the LEGO Ferrari FXX:

Now I got myself a LEGO Ferrari FXX in black with white stripe! Look cool isn't it? The sleek design of the car has been featured in this miniature model.

As usual, there are few extra parts in the package:

Here is the real Ferrari FXX compared with my LEGO miniature version:

For no reason, just for my own convention, here is the size of Ferrari FXX LEGO miniature in relative to a Samsung Galaxy S2 hand phone:

More photos about the miniature:

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For more information about this Ferrari promotion, click the following link:

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