Friday, December 7, 2012

Shell LEGO Ferrari Miniature - F40

This is the 5th out of 6 in my LEGO Ferrari cars collection - the Ferrari F40. To be more precise, it is the LEGO miniature model of Ferrari F40 Competizione 1993 Monte Shell (No.7). The actual race car was piloted by Macro Brand in 1993 Italian GP Championship. It was one of the fastest race car ever produced at that era.

I was looking forward to assemble this model! It was the model with the most combination of colors and also one of the "toughest" to assemble. See the double quote on the word toughest? Yeah... it actually means not so tough with the help of the instruction manual.

Upon unpacking the poly bag, there are total of 52 parts and bricks inside it. 18 are white in color, 10 in yellow, 9 in black, 2 in red, 1 grey and 1 blue each, 3 red "lamps", 4 tyres, 4 rims, a box of sticker and an instruction manual.

Here are the steps to assemble the Ferrari F40:

Now you get yourself a Monte Shell Ferrari F40 Competizione LEGO miniature car!

The distinctive square rear spoiler as well as the rear vented engine cover are among the symbolic features on F40 reproduced in this LEGO miniature. I personally like the engine vent so much!

As usual there are few extra "spare parts" in the package.

The real look of a Ferrari F40 Competizione Monte Shell compared to the LEGO miniature:

"Conventionally", here is the size of a LEGO F40 relative to a Samsung Galaxy S2 hand phone:

More photos on F40:

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