Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Beauty of Pagoda Under The Eyes of Tanglung

Just want to share some photographs I took at Sibu Tua Pek Kong Temple area during this lantern festival. I am neither a professional photographer nor using a professional camera. What I have is just a IXUS 860IS compact camera and I took photo for fun.

Tua Pek Kong Temple and the seven-storey pagoda is one of the landmark of Sibu town. If you ever travel to Sibu using Sungai Rejang, the longest river in Malaysia, probably this building will be the one that caught your eyes from far. When you see the seven-storey pagoda beside the Rejang river, no doubt, you are approaching Sibu!

The scenery at this temple initially is attractive. Colorful lanterns decorating the compound during the lantern festival made the place look even gorgeous! That's why I couldn't help myself from shooting photos here.

I visited this place few times during the festival and everytime I was here, I felt reluctant to leave, not because there were a lot of "leng loi" around, but it was the color of scenery that kept me there to shot photos repeatedly even from the same angles.

Here are some photos I took which I titled it as "The Beauty of Pagoda Under The Eyes of Tanglung". Although they are not professional shots, but I felt satisfied with my own piece of works. Hope you like the photos too.

The following photo is not edited using Adobe Photoshop or any other graphic editing application, but was originally taking from my camera which I set its color to sepia effect. I just discovered such function inside my camera after more than a year I bought it. I love the effect as it gave the feel of nostalgia.


  1. ok wat ur camera. Still producing nice image. wish i'm in sibu now.

  2. Image quality is ok, but the angle taken is nice, got senget abit make it more pro looked, awesome! By the way, I'm not HLP u :)

  3. Yes, Champ... if you are in Sibu then your DSLR will be very useful at this kinda time... among hundreds, sure there is few which look better.... ;)

    PS, I never know angle senget will make the photo look pro! Like that next time I will keep senget my camera when shooting photos!! hahaha...

    Anyway, thanks for both of your complimentary ;)

  4. waaaah, become pro liao lah, even dont have DSLR, can achieve DSLR standard liao, nice photos.

  5. They are nice not totally because of camera, but the color of tanglung itself and the temple are matched and nice.

    Thanks for compliment!


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