Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Story From Mars II - An Invalid Return!

In the last episode of Ga-lien's adventure, Ga-lien was disappointed with the human and decided to get out from the earth with his spaceship with very sad heart yet still wishing them the best. The story continue...

Ga-lien was on his way back to the planet of Mars to meet with his respectful master - The Fal-lien. The Fal-lien is the one behind the whole drama. It was the one that educate Ga-lien to be what it is right now. It is also the only one who care for Ga-lien the most. Whenever Ga-lien facing problem in his life, Fal-lien is the one he turned to for advices whereas whenever Fal-lien needs help, Ga-lien is the one he seeks for help. Because trusting each other, Ga-lien will never question about the demands made by Fal-lien because he was pretty sure that Fal-lien will always think the best for him.

Ga-lien couldn't wait to see Fal-lien after 1 year left the planet of Mars to share his experience on earth. Ga-lien had a good spaceship navigation skills (well, at least he claimed himself is), he sped up the spaceship hopefully can reach the planet as soon as possible. He kept sounding the space-horn towards those low performance spaceships who he accused driving slow and blocked his way towards the Mars!

However, something unexpected happened! Ga-lien suddenly felt that his spaceship loses its momentum to go foward no matter how hard he stepped on the throttle. 5 seconds after that, both left and right engine suddenly halted! The lights and the electronic systems inside the spaceship totally offline! He could see nothing but the dark in front of him.

Ga-lien was panic! The anti-gravity system couldn't function. His spaceship now is free fall back to the earth! Ga-lien tried to cool himself down and think what went wrong. He realized that the only reason that may cause engine halt is the lack of fuel. Perhaps it was a miscalculation by Ga-lien himself where the volume of fuel needed to fly from earth to Mars was calculated base on RON97 usage but the fuel injected into the spaceship was RON95. RON95 caused fuel combusts prematurely and produced "knocking" on engine which increased the fuel consumption.

It was human's fault! They were using the non-standard fuel which caused the miscalculation!! Otherwise Ga-lien will never count it wrongly.

Ga-lien had no other choice. His spaceship broke through the atmosphere and finally reach the earth. He was back to a place he already used to! "Maybe this is my destiny", Ga-lien thought. It was a destiny to be the savior again!

He understand it will be a very hard mission, but for Ga-lien, that doesn't matter. What matter now was he got the sign from the ancestor to accomplish this mission. He don't mind to be hurt again as long as he could help the evil human.

He stepped out from the spaceship, in his hands was a piece of cheese that had changed the way he looked at the life entirely!

Now, Ga-lien's mission back to the planet of Mars was officially invalided! The time for his landing on Mars Aerospace Center already overdue! He couldn't go back now even with his spaceship fully pumped with RON97. He just have to wait until the next valid date which will be scheduled in the future.

For the time being, Ga-lien will just have to stay on earth and continue his human-saving legend! This is the last chance he gave to human. If they still don't want to change, Ga-lien promised that he will leave the earth for good!

Ga-lien is back!!!

This story is purely fictional. Any resemblance to actual individuals or events is coincidental.


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