Sunday, October 11, 2009

4 Days Without Internet!

Just get back my Internet connection!! It had been 4 days since last Thursday (08/10/2009) my Internet line was down! Some problem occurred on ISP side and I had called at least 5 times to the customer care center to report and complain my problem.

Being asked to do lengthy and time-wasting troubleshooting as usual. But I cannot blame those people as they need to ensure the problem is caused by ISP instead of customer's carelessness.

Called again on second day when the line still down. The customer support personnel told me my report was not submitted to technical division as too many similar reports were logged. It was because line at my area got problem and the technicians were busy solving this problem. I guess she means this is not an individual case but is a common area's problem. So all Streamyx subscribers within the area would get affected.

I accepted that so just wait for miracle. Friday gone without Internet. My mood was down to the earth! Saturday noon the problem still remain. I called to make sure ISP still working on it. I knew my problem wasn't normal. I was having the same problem one month ago and it took TM 3 days to solve the problem.

It proved my thought was correct when I called again on Saturday night to check on the report status and the customer support told me the area problem was solved. My problem still remain! The person entertained my call told me my report is just a "complain report" and not a "technician report". I was a bit mad by raising up my voice but I still tried to control my own emotion.

After moving my brain, I think I understand why this happened. It was because my report was not treated as a separate case, that's why it was not submitted to the technician to take further action. As the area problem was solved, the technicians assumed that my problem had been solved as well.

Luckily the person answering my call was nice enough. He said what he could help me now is to send my report directly to the technician without asking me for further silly troubleshooting. I really appreciate that.

It came to Sunday morning. I called again to see if any action taken. I didn't put high hope as normally technicians are not working on weekend. The person told me the problem is because of some cables at my area were damaged and the technicians were changing the new cables. I felt more relief, well at least they were working on it.

I didn't have high hope but just keep my fingers crossed. Throughout the day I tried to connect from time to time but my trials just returned disappointing results. Until around 7.00pm just now, when I switched on the modem just for the sake of testing, surprisingly the line was ok and I was able to browse the Internet again!

Thanks God! It had been 4 days this time I was suffering without the Internet!! Although the line doesn't appeared to be stable, but at least I can access to various websites and blogging now. Hope my problem is totally solved and the line will remain healthy! Finger cross...

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