Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yu Lung San Tien En Si Temple - The Scenery

This is a busy and eventful weekend for me. Yesterday I attended Sibu BASE Jump 2009 at Wisma Sanyan Sibu and witnessed what BASE jumping is all about. This morning I had to wake up early again as I had a date with Sparkish and Rojak Toh to attend the opening ceremony of Yu Lung San Tien En Si Temple (玉龙山天恩寺). The credit should be given to Sparkish for his generosity to give us a free ride to the destination.

[The main entrance]

Yu Lung San Tien En Si Temple is located at Kilometer 26 Sibu-Bintulu Road or approximately 30-40 minutes of driving distance from Sibu town center. The RM60 million Biddhist temple is believed to be a popular tourism lure and new icon for the tourism industry of the town.

Besides tourism, the temple also dedicated in bringing together a combination of 3 religious faiths - Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism (佛教,道教和儒教).

Inside the temple compound, there are four main halls (dians) for worshippers - Davejara Hall (Tienwangdian), Mahavira Hall (Daxiiongbaodian), Yuanchendian and Daomudian. Once you walked into the temple compound, on the left is a big stage for various kind of performance.

[The stage]

On the right is Yuanchendian (元辰殿). Opposite of this hall is a cultural center for the 3 religious faiths which I forgot to take a photo of its appearance.


[The wall inside the cultural center showing the 3 religious faiths - Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism]

Walking further down from here is a hall called Daomudian (斗姥殿).

In front of the Daomudian is a fish pond with a fish and 2 swans sculpture decorating the area.

Straight from the entrance on top of the hill is where the Davejara Hall (天王殿)located.

On both side adjacent to this hall are the accessory halls named Bell Tower and Drum Tower, both furnished with the same hexagonal windows and curved eaves.

[The Bell Tower]

[Davejara Hall and the two accessory towers]

This is the hall where Smiling Buddha is placed but it not yet opened to the public until 5th of November 2009 where the official opening ceremony will be held.

[Davejara Hall which not yet open to the public]

Behind Davejara Hall is the biggest hall in Tien En Si temple which is called the Mahavira Hall or 大雄宝殿. This is where the statue of Amitābha Buddha with His 2 assistants Mahāsthāmaprāpta and Guanyin were placed.

[The biggest hall of the temple - Mahavira Hall ]

As Davejara Hall, this hall will only open to the public after its opening on the 5th of November.

[Mahavira Hall]

As a whole, the temple has a tremendous scenery which offered a good tourism package for the town of Sibu. I leave you with more photos on the pretty surroundings of this temple.

In the coming write up I'll share more photos about this event focusing on the the opening ceremony. Stay tune!!

[The donors' board as a form of appreciation for their contribution to the temple]

[Davejara Hall]

[A horse sculpture in front of Mahavira Hall]

[A pavilion]

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  1. nice photos nice photos, haha... have to visit again with my parents may be.


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