Monday, November 30, 2009

Dolphins In Swan City

Recently if you walked onto Sibu town, near Chamber Road or adjacent to Sibu Central Market you will notice a very eyes-catchy and shiny stainless steel dolphins sculpture being placed among the zen balls fountain.

This ain't a new thing for Sibu people as the sculpture already being here for almost a month now. For a town which is surrounded by swan sculptures (as Sibu is called Swan City by local politician), the existence of Dolphins certainly brought some attention as well as argument to Sibuian especially about the significance of the art work.

Me too had doubt about it at the first place. Why dolphins? Sibu isn't near to any beach I guess and is not the local council keep promoting Swan mascot to represent Sibu?

My doubt and perhaps most Sibuian's curiosity were answered on the day where the sculpture was officially opened on 20th November 2009 by 2nd State Finance Minister Wong Soon Koh. A memorial arch built adjacent to the art work explained everything.

This sculpture is actually owned by Sarawak Ho Kang Yu Clan Association which is a joint project between the association and Sibu Municipal Council as an effort to beautify Sibu town thus develop its tourism industry.

"The dolphin has universal appeal, symbolizing freedom, joy, grace and serenity as well as uplifting the spirit of many people." I think this sentence carved on the arch explained why dolphin is chosen.

To my understanding, I think the authorities concern wish to use dolphins to represent the friendliness of Sibu people. Well, in my opinion it not sounds too convincing but acceptable.

The mascot was positioned to face South-East as according to Feng Shui, this position signified harmony and prosperity. Hopefully by this, it will bring happiness and good luck to all the people in Sibu.

Well, as a whole, no matter you believe in Feng Shui or not, or you still conceptually doubtful about the mascot, one thing that we can't deny is that its existence definitely had added more color to the town of Swan.


  1. First the swan, then the dolphin. This town will soon be a "Rojak" town

  2. Yeah... can't really think of what will be next... perhaps one day this town will be flooded by "animals"! Not a bad idea though.. hahaha!


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