Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yamcha @ Payung Cafe

It is a rather "low profile" cafe in Sibu town. Located at a more "isolated" corner of Jalan Lanang, this cafe only available for dinner and supper. Perhaps not many Sibuians aware of its existence.

It is called "Payung Cafe". With the 2 classical look bamboo umbrellas topping the 2 dining tables in front of the cafe and its interior deco plus the soft lighting, this cafe left me with strong ASEAN-culture feel.

As its location is more marginalized from shop houses, the cafe offers a more quiet environment for those prefer a peaceful and quiet dining. Fresh orchids decorating each table with soft music accompanied slow the busy rhythm down and gave the customers a relaxing ambience while enjoying their meals.

It is not fair if I comment too much on the foods served at this cafe as I just went there for some tea time with a friend. Anyway, we were looking for some "light" foods to have something to bite on while chit chatting but the choices were quite limited.

After few round digesting the menu, we finally went for some milk shake drinks which cost RM5 per cup. The cup size was rather small compared with some of the cafes around the town. Anyway, the taste was great with strong milk fragrance. Both of us personally like the taste.

For food, we tried garlic bread with chicken sauce. With only 5 small pieces of garlic breads and some white chicken sauce, it costs RM6. Both the bread and sauce tasted good actually, just the portion is a bit small.

One more thing. You may become donor for the little blood sucking creatures while enjoying your time there. However the shop owner did take some precaution by applying mosquito repellent but that will not totally solve the problem.


  1. I do aware of the existence of this cafe but never really venture into it. Quite costly.

    Who is the friend? A female? :)

  2. sibu mushrooming of this type of caffe. My plan also to open one as well. Just wait this couple few year.

  3. Yes, i would agree it was quite costly. Imagine 2 drinks and some garlic breads, there goes RM16! Definitely not the spending style of typical Sibuians.

    champ, how nice! I love to have such cafe, but no money... too bad.. :(


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