Monday, November 2, 2009

Yu Lung San Tien En Si Temple - The Opening Ceremony

Yesterday I shared about the scenery at the newly opened Tien En Si temple located at KM26 Sibu-Bintulu Road, Sibu and I promised that I'll share more pics on the opening ceremony of this temple.

So here they are! I think I am not in the mood of writing long elaboration, these photos should be self-explanatory. Well, this is a good phrase to use when you are lazy to write, just attach the picture then write "self-explanatory". How's that sounds?

[This is how they hung the firecrackers - use of crane]

[There were more than 20 firecrackers being burnt for the opening ceremony]

[3 firecrackers being burnt each session]

[Hanging the firecrackers]

[The big red ground and the temple]

[Lion dancing to welcome the VIPs]

[The colorful "lions"]

[The 3 white "lions" look nice and eyes catchy!]

[Somebody giving speech on the stage before the opening ceremony event started]

[Dragon dance performance after the ribbon-cutting ceremony to indicate the official opening]

[The beauty of dragon-dancing]

[The VVIPs including Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, Robert Lau Hui Chiew and Tiong Tai King]

[The man behind the hot PKFZ scandal Dato Sri Tiong King Sing was seen to be one of the invited guest for the event]

[Cutting-ribbon ceremony for the performance stage]

[The crowd attending the opening ceremony]


  1. 新的中文部落格?!?

  2. 很假叻。。。。啊哈哈哈。。。。


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