Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mini Motorbike Show @ Sibu Gateway (1)

This was an unexpected event I bumped into when I passed by Sibu Gateway this morning. If not mistaken it was organized by SeDidik Sdn. Bhd., a non-profit organization managing child and family development program for Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC).

It was a mini modified motorbike show participated by about 9 participants. It was an eyes-opening thing for me as I didn't expect local youngsters willing to spend so much money just for their beloved motorbike. Perhaps it is not too over if I said the bikes are their 2nd wife in life! ^^

I don't have long elaboration on each of the displayed motorbike, maybe you just take a look at the photos I shared and for those bikers, I believed you will be a good judge for them.

This Benson & Hedges decorated bike quite impressed me. For those who might not know, Benson & Hedges is an international tobacco company, which its cigarettes products were very well-known in our country once. However, I didn't notice much of its cigarettes anymore in our local market recently. I am not a smoker, so I maybe wrong for this. You are welcome to correct me if I made a false statement. ;)

Anyway, the gold and black combination of color which is the main colors for this branding were applied on this motorbike. Under the hot sun, the "golden bike" seems to be very outstanding thus it was one of the center of attention for this event.

Even its exhaust was very neatly decorated. I guess this is one of the dream for most of the motorbike lovers.

The following was another well-modified motorbike. I didn't know how to elaborate on it, but I think the modification had changed its original look entirely.

The disc brakes were impressive and the exhaust was hide under the seat.

Another modified bike on display...

A Sarawak patriotism modification with Sarawak's flag color yellow, red and black...

... and last but not least, the all black modification...

These are only part of the modified motorbikes I shared out for the time being. If you wish to see more impressive and attractive modification, please stay tune. I will reveal them in the coming posts and believe me, they are far more explosive than this!

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  1. damn, nice show one, I dont know this kind of event leh, shit!


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