Friday, November 13, 2009

Sibu BASE Jump 2009 - The Parachute Folding Demonstration

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Gary Cunningham, the world record holder of the most BASE jump made in 24 hours from Australia and Max, a BASE jumper from Russia who had left some comments on my blog. Although they were just few lines of words, but to me the meaning is far more than that.

This is the last episode of my write up about Sibu BASE jump 2009. It is about parachute folding and packing after the jump had been made. A demonstration was held at ground floor of Wisma Sanyan after the jumpers had made their jump.

Folding or packing parachute is not as simple as what outsiders can imagine. It needs high level of skill and patient as there is no room for any mistakes. Improper folding may cause parachute fail to deploy and the consequence is not too hard to imagine.

Folding parachute in a way is similar to folding clothes, just that it requires much complicated steps as you need to fold it layer by layer, slowly, neatly and carefully. I guess these gentlemen are very good in clothes folding as their skill of folding the parachute is undoubted!

Deploying a parachute maybe just need a second, but packing it back will eat you more than 20 minutes. So, even you have the passion to do BASE jumping but don't have the patient to do a proper folding, then I think you can just forget about this sports.

The BASE jumpers performed on that day certainly have the 2Ps quality - passion and the patient. Although it was a lenghty process, but they seem enjoy it, not only the jumping part, but folding part as well.

When they are too tired, they may just take a nap on their beloved parachute. See what this gentleman did here! Fall asleep half way folding his parachute.

Hugging and kissing the parachute canopy is just a norm for BASE jumpers. This is the passion I was talking about! You treat the parachute just like how you treat your love one!

Haha! Just forget the previous 2 statements please. I was just kidding. Actually the friendly Ken Miller from Australia not falling asleep but tried to entertain the spectators by making some jokes. Whereas another jumper who the name is unknown had a very unique style when folding his parachute.

Stepping on the well-packed parachute doesn't mean the jumper was mad, but I think is a way to release the air inside the bag so that it was not that bloated.

It was really an eyes-opening experience for me watching the BASE jumpers folding their parachute and from there I realized that folding parachute maybe is not as risky as doing the jumping, but the skill level required are equally crucial.


  1. u have done well with this series on the jumps. i enjoyed yr write up on the 27th km temple . thanks

  2. Actually I am very appreciate the passion of them, not only parachute activity, I mean the west people or those ah mo, they will try their best to the thing they like or interest, no matter how the result they can achieve, just do it, just try it or just "play" it, finally they will gain the experience or skill, this is what we lacking, PASSION IS VERY IMPORTANT IN LIFE !!

  3. Bengbeng, thanks for the comment. I think you are one of the author for which not sound too strange for me as I visited your blog quite few times. It is a good blog!

    Sparkish, I agree. Passionate is important, but it doesn't guarantee you the success. Just like I am very passion in my career yet I didn't see much success.


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