Friday, November 6, 2009

Sibu BASE Jump 2009 - The Jumpers Story

If you haven't read about Sibu BASE Jump 2009, you can click here to see some of the BASE jumping action held at Wisma Sanyan, Sibu on 31st of October.

As promised, I shared some of the photos on the BASE jumpers participated in this very first event of its kind held at Sibu town. The participants came from all around the world including Australia, Finland, Russia, United State of America and more.

[Some of the BASE jumpers took a group photo after their first jump]

I don't have detailed information about these jumpers as they were not properly introduced or should I say no introduction at all either by the organizing committee or the press. This is one of the thing that I hope the committee will improve next time.

[Participants taking photo with VIPs after their first jump from the 27-storey building]

Luckily I managed to approach few of the jumpers and talked a bit with them. From there I knew where are they actually from.

This one was from Finland! I am pretty sure about that as he was the first jumper I talked to and I asked him after I shot this photo. He is a cute guy.

[A cute jumper from Finland]

This is a very nice guy from Florida USA. Not sure about his name, but he showed his friendliness by taking photos with the local who approached him and requested for the favor. He kept promoting "Sky Frogs" which was printed on his t-shirt. Maybe I should Google for it later.

[Jumper from Florida, USA]

The one wearing helmet and sun glass holding a blue parachute in the first photo of this post is from Russia. His name is Max! He is the one left a comment in my previous write up about Sibu BASE Jump 2009. Too bad I don't have his close up photo.

The one with all black t-shirt in the first pic is an Aussie. A very friendly guy who loves to interact with the people around him. Maybe you should tell me your name if you read this, friend? ;)

This following handsome guy should be from Ireland if I judge from his wearing, but I used to wear Man Utd t-shirt don't mean that I am a Red Devil player, do I?

[Are you from Ireland?]

This guy I am not sure where is he from, but he gave me the feel of "Wolverine" look in the X-men movie! No detail explanation, that was just my feeling at that moment. He was friendly enough by lending his helmet to the kids when taking photos. I'll be extremely overjoyed and excited if I was the kid!

[The small kid wearing the jumper's helmet when taking photo with him!]

Neither I know where is the following jumper from but his helmet attracted my attention. His one is other from others. The helmet looks like a bit small for his head, it is white in color and with Malaysia national flag printed on it. However I am sure he is not a Malaysian! ;p

[Is he the same guy with the jumper in the next pic?]

[Same white helmet, same shirt, same body shape but different canopy color]

He was the first one jumped from the building bringing Sanyan's flag. I read from some press saying that the world record holder for the most BASE jump made at KL Tower BASE jump 2005 who is an Aussie participated in this event. Perhaps he is the one?

[Taking photo with local girls]

I am not sure really... just have a guess. But I think he got more than one parachutes and jumped more frequent than others because I saw a jumper wearing that unique helmet who made more than one jump (maybe 2) in very short interval.

[Taking photo with some local kids. See how happy their smile!]

Last but not least, this is the photo I love the most with the Australia jumper holding his video cam attached on his helmet recording the moment of another jumper who was preparing to make the jump!

[The Australian jumper recording from the ground after touched down]


  1. The record holder jumper's name is Gary Cunningham

    The one with the green top definitely from Ireland. His name Niall Hanley. He contacted me personally for his photos :)

  2. Hello Wen,

    Thanks for posting about our BASE jumping event at Wisma Sanyan in your blog. I really enjoy seeing all the photos and your comments about the event.
    Your cute jumper from Finland is Petri Lehtinen.
    The USA Sky Frogs jumper is Tom Lundergan.
    The Australian in a black T-shirt is Ken Miller.
    The jumper from Ireland is Niall Hanley.
    Wolverine is Grant Raedel from Australia.
    Although I have Malaysian flags on my helmet, I am from Australia. I have been coming to Malaysia every year for the last 9 years to BASE jump off buildings and have completed over 1000 BASE jumps there. So Malaysia has almost become like a second home for me. I have 3 different parachutes you saw me using. That way I can start off doing a few quick jumps until it come time to repack them all. I made 11 jumps for the day.

    We all really enjoyed our time in Sibu and look forward to coming back there next year.

    Gary Cunningham

  3. Hello Gary!

    What a surprise I saw your comment in my blog! So my instinct is correct! You are the one I meant in the photo, the world record holder for the most jump made in 24 hours!

    Thanks for your enlightenment and I really appreciate for the info you provided. It helps me to know more about the BASE jumpers.

    Although you had been in Malaysia for at least 9 times, but I guess this was your first time to Sibu. We felt honored for having you here!

    Is nice to hear you guys enjoyed the day here and wish to see you all again next year!

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