Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bye Bye To My First Badminton Racket

Badminton is the only sport I still engaged in currently. I got a very primitive badminton racket who had accompanied me for more than a decade. It is a Yonex B-2000 badminton racket which I owned it when I was in secondary school (but I forgot which year). It was the one and the only racket I ever have so far.

As badminton was not my favorite sport during schooling days plus my financial status at that time disallowed me to own a better one, this basic badminton racket became my choice. I forgot its exact price, but if not mistaken, it was RM69.90. Having such racket at that time was consider a luxury spent for me.

The racket had accompanied me to every badminton session since then. Even after I came out to society for works where badminton became the only sport to keep fit, I never felt of changing it. For me, badminton racket is just a tool. How well you can play a badminton game cannot fully depend on the racket, but is the skill that speaks.

However I won't deny that once you got the skill, then a better racket can push your performance to the highest. This is when the racket starts to play its role. Anyway, I not really care as I play badminton for exercise and not for competition. As long as I can serve well, smash well and play the game well with that racket, I will consider it as a "good racket". This is how I felt of my primitive Yonex B-2000 all these while.

Of course you can always argue with me that I was looking for tonnes of excuses to support my points above and hide my stinginess. I got no objection on that as this is a democratic country where everyone has the rights to express their own opinion. The most important thing is - there is no ISA applied on this argument!

Back to the topic about my first badminton racket, last week when I was playing as usual, I noticed some strange sound from the racket when the shuttlecock hitting the ring. Suppose it should be a solid sound, but it wasn't. I could sense it could be some cracking at some part of the frame.

After the game, when I examined the racket, I found the crack! It was quite a big crack near the bottom part of the racket head and it was severe! I guess it was caused by myself who love to throw the racket off my hand when I couldn't reach the shuttlecock while playing.

I think I got no choice, but is time to say goodbye to the racket that had brought me a lot of great games and accompanied me for more than a decade! I found its replacement already actually which I will reveal in the coming write up. I am not sure how fast I can get used to the new one, but I promise I will treat it as nice as the old one!

Thank you so much my Yonex B-2000! You are great!


  1. old thing not gone, new thing not come.

  2. Waiting for your review on the new Fleet racket you just got.

  3. wah... fleet some more. Me, my tennis racket i hang on my room since secondary. Here wanna play tennis so susah. No place to play.

  4. PS >> I can't agree more than that! Same theory applied to you very soon!

    BFalcon >> yes, I will post it as soon as I got mood to write about it.

    Champ >> Come back to Sibu... I guess here definitely got more chance to play... ;)

  5. 不要丢掉哦,要框起来做纪念,以缅怀它陪你走过的路,啊哈哈。。


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