Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mini Motorbike Show @ Sibu Gateway (2)

This is the continuity from 1st part of mini motorbike show @ Sibu Gateway last Saturday. As promised, this one will be far more explosive than the first part.

If previously it was about motorcycle modification, this one is on scooters customization and decoration. I was impressed how much efforts the scooter fanatics spent their money and time on their interest.

Most of these participants I think are members from Scooter Attack Custom Sarawak and Sarawak United Scooterist Community which had taking part in all kind of autoshows all over the state.

As this was just a mini event, thus only 4 scooters participated. In this post, I will reveal 2 out of 4 of these very neatly modified scooters.

The first one is the black color scooter with BMW logo attached in front of it. I am not sure what model of scooter is this but definitely it is not BMW scooter. Please correct me if I am wrong on this.

This guy I think is one of the Sarawak United Scooterist Community's club member as he used the community logo as the major decoration on his scooter.

Not much fancy modification on this scooter, but one thing that caught my attention was the way its seat being opened. I don't think my poor English can clearly describe this, but I am sure the photos are self explanatory.

The seat of a normal scooter can be flipped in 90 degree's form, from rear to front but this one as you can see in the photos, it was something like 45 degree to the right side! I think this is not a simple modification.

Look more carefully what is under the seat which normally is a compartment for helmet storing? It was a sound system that allow the playing of music! The owner did demonstrate the quality of the sound system and I found it was cool!

“Ultraman or Power Ranger?" That was my first impression when I met with the following scooter.

The head part of the scooter is damn cool and it looks something like my childhood hero the Ultraman! If I am still at that age, I think this is definitely one of the motorbike that I dreamed of!

It was named "Spain's No.1" which until now I still doubt of it as I couldn't have the "Spain" feel by looking at this scooter. I am sure it deserves a cooler name.... well... such as... emmmm.... "The Little Phoenix"?

Aiya... that's sounds too Chinese la!! Perhaps I should just leave it alone!

The rear part of the scooter looked cool as well with some sort like a phoenix tail (I know... I am still too Chinese-minded!) with a sharp end.

As you can see from the photo below, this scooter had actually won quite some prizes in various competition before. If not mistaken from what I read from the newspaper, it won the 1st prize for this event as well! Well done!

In the coming write up related to this event, I guarantee cuter scooters will be revealed to you! So if you are interested, please stay tune!

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  1. both scooter are modenas for sure. 1st was Elegan n the 2nd one is karisma. this show that we sarawak boleh. muahahahaha


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