Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Playing With Rubik's Cube

Magic cube was once my toy when I was still a kiddie. I can still remember at that time, solving and arranging 1 out of 6 faces was just like rocket science to me, not even dare to think about solving the entire cube.

Recently the trend of playing this magic cube was alive again! From a 5 years old kid to an adult like me, magic cube had become a toy on leisure. With Internet technology, solving the cube is no longer hard and it is something that everyone can do!

I started to play the cube from the influence of a 14 years old kid. At first I was hesitate as the "rocket science perception" still worried me. However, after some persuasion and encouragement from him, I decided to give myself a try! After all it is not just a toy. It is a brain game!

I then bought myself a cube from a local toy shop. There are many types of magic cube sold on the market, each one vary from price and quality. I got the one with fluorescence edge which cost RM14.90. I thought this kind of cube can be played in a dark ambience, but it actually cannot as the color of each face are not fluorescence!

The 14 years old kid became my mentor for the cubing game. Yeah... learning from younger is not something you should shame about! Besides that, I also look for some info about this game on the Internet. From there I just realized that the official name for the cube is called the Rubik's cube, not magic cube. This is 3x3x3 Rubik's cube, the standard one for competition.

It is not that hard to solve the Rubik's cube actually, there are plenty of resources on the Net that teach you the way. But I would suggest that visualized tutorials are much effective than the written one. You can just go to Youtube and search for "Rubik's cube solution" and you will get overloaded tutorials about it. Just pick any you feel comfortable and I am sure you can do it as well!

So far, I can only solve the cube in around 3 minutes (more or less depend on the luck). The most recent world record holder is Erik Akkersdijk from Netherland who solved the cube in 7.08 minutes seconds!! Just can't imagine how he did it, but here is the video for your eyes opening and it was absolutely amazing!

Well, I never think of break the record as I believe I can never do it with my degraded brain, but I hope I can achieve the target of under 2 minutes one day (but dunno when as I am worry maybe this is just another "3-minute-heat" for me).


  1. Just tested my speed with cubic timer following the scramble order, my time is 03:28.16. The last layer take lot time.

  2. waaah, only use three minutes, that is impossible for me....


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