Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Bonsai Artworks

This is a Bonsai competition I bumped into when I visited one of the local shopping mall recently. Honestly, I am not really into this area thus there will be not much elaboration on this. I will just share some of the photos I took and for those who have interest in this area, I hope you enjoy it.

This gardening art is really impressive and you can definitely feel how much time the owners spent to produce such a pretty and neat art!

From my observation, the competition was divided into 6 categories, Wrightia Religiosa (small/medium/big), Juniperus/Podocarpus (small/medium/big) and assorted plants (small/medium/big).






In Bonsai art, the plant without leaves can also be as pretty as those with leaves. Take a look on these..



 I found some of the artworks are pretty impressive with scenery being built into the plant. Following are some of these awesome artworks!







  1. Some of the bonsai looked like miniature paradise, nice!

  2. wow... I like that phrase... "miniature paradise"! thanks for enlighten me!

  3. so cute of those mini decoration...


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