Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Working With Client

Finally I am back to my KL office after working at client site for 5 days. Doing works at client site is a new experience for me and certainly it was not an easy one.

I just discovered and learnt a new thing, if anything happened on system implementation which required collaboration between you and your client, the client will try to point all the fault to you first without knowing the real cause of the problem. I faced this situation almost everyday since I worked at their place. If there is anything happened, is your system caused problem not theirs.

However, at the end of the day, when the truth was finally emerged, the problem was actually with themselves, their own system, their own server or their own network. Of course I admit that our system is not perfect, but I thought collaboration of work should be something to do with communication, cooperation and solving problem together and not finger-pointing?

We even being accused spreading virus to their network and caused network congestion which disabled them from doing works. I couldn't understand sometimes, we went to their place, HELPING THEM DOING THEIR WORKS by explaining to users how to use the new system which supposedly they should do it by themselves after training is provided, then we were using OUR OWN LAPTOPS to serve their customers, but at the end, we had been accused infected their network.

No matter how, it has come to an end now. Just look thing in a more positive way... I learnt something new, something that I had never encounter before and I believe this certainly will be a useful knowledge in my life.


  1. Sad to say this, but customer always think they're correct. What we can do is just to proof them wrong if it's their mistake.

  2. Ya... I think no other choice beside proof to them that they are wrong! Luckily our "big brother MD" did that very well and shut their mouth up! ;p

  3. No comment, been doing that for few years d. Planning to change job d.

  4. Chamb, we change together, hahahahaha...

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