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A Short Visit To Dong Zen Temple

In my 2 months working attachment in KL, I was lucky enough to have chance to visit a very famous tourists attraction temple in Jenjarom, Selangor called Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple (佛光山 东禅寺). It is about 20-30 minutes driving from Klang town center.

[View from main entrance]

Actually this temple is best visited during Chinese New Year period as the whole place will be decorated beautifully with flowers, lighting and lantern. You will amaze by the scenery and ambience at that time! But don't be surprise on the number of visitors and length of the traffic jam you will face during that peak period!

[Floor plan of the temple]

During normal day, the place only open for visiting until 7pm. So, you can't see any nice lighting, yet the surrounding and scenery around the temple compoud is still attractive and eyes-comfort. It certainly worth a visit!

Just like other religious which have their own holy places, so as Buddhism. Not far from the main entrance are models that show the four holy places of Buddhism or pilgrimage sites based around the life of Gautama Buddha.

First one is Lumbini - the place where the Buddha was born. It is located in Rupandehi District, Lumbini Zone of Nepal near Indian border. It is the place where Mayadevi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautama who later became a Buddha and founder of Buddhism.

[Model of Lumbini]

Second place - BodhGaya at Bihar, India. This is the place where Gautama Buddha attained nirvana or enlightenment.

[Model of BodhGaya]

Third place - Sarnath near Uttar Pradesh, India. Sarnath is a deer park where Buddha first taught the Dharma. (No wonder I saw a deer statue there... I thought is some sort of misplace ;p )

[Model of Sarnath]

Fourth place - Kushinagar at India as well. This is the place where Buddha attained Parinirvana (Final nirvana) or died.


Near the main area of Dong Zen Temple, you could see a giant gold Buddha's statue sitting on a specially designed platform.

[Giant gold Buddha statue on special platform]

To the rear of this platform, it is the main temple hall. I heard the hall is gorgeous, yet I didn't make it to step into the hall. What a regret!

[The main shrine]

To the right, it is Lumbini Garden. This is a very pretty garden where you must visit. You can see a lot of thing here including...

[Lumbini Garden entrance]

Cute monk statues...

Cute baby Buddha statue...

Gardening arts...

Pagoda... but this pagoda only look nice at night time with lighting.

Lotus pond with Kuan Yin statue..

[Kuan Yin on lotus pond]

... and also a giant Nemo statue. I still wondering why Nemo statue? It is like not match the environment, yet I think it is to cheer up small kiddies. No harm also right?

[Giant Nemo!]

Not far from the Lumbini Garden, is the 33 Kuan Yin street. You can see 33 types of Kuan Yin statues here.

[33 types of Kuan Yin statues]

If you walk deeper from here, you will come to another garden. This is where the very cute and giant cow sculpture is located! Why cow? Well, because for Chinese, this year is cow's year. That also mean you may see a giant tiger sculpture next year at the same place.

It was certainly a very nice place to visit with nice landscape and scenery. Trust me, if you visit here on Chinese New Year, the ambiance will be 100 times more amazing than this!

I would like to express my gratitude to my sister and brother-in-law for making all the efforts to bring me there. Although the time was rushed and we just spent very short time there, but I really enjoyed and appreciate it!

For those who have interest to visit the place, here is the address:

PT2297 Jalan Sg Buaya,
Kuala Langat,
42600 Selangor,
Tel: +603 3191 1533
Fax: +603 3191 1467

View Dong Zen Temple in a larger map

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