Monday, May 11, 2009

Buffet Dinner @ Shogun One Utama

Shogun is a Japanese buffet restaurant located at One Utama shopping complex, Petaling Jaya.

Last night we were invited by Chamb and his newly married wife to the restaurant for a buffet dinner on their treat. Actually it was a replacement wedding dinner as we couldn't make it to the actual dinner on 2nd of May in Sibu.

The buffet dinner started at 6pm, but we went in about 6.15pm. Quite packed inside the restaurant maybe because of mothers' day. This is my first time trying Japanese foods' buffet and I was looking forward to it.

[Outside view of Shogun Japanese buffet restaurant]

[A corner inside Shogun]

Sushi - the most symbolic food in Japanese cuisine. That's why, in the first round, I went for sushi! I think this is the most sushi varieties I ever see so far. I spent some times walking around the sushi area and finally took some which were more eyes-catchy to me.

[Sushi and sashimi section]

Certainly you cannot take too many sushi as they are made by rice and rice will make you feel full. This is a very basic trick when having buffet, isn't it? I tried few including the original salmon fish sashimi sushi and also a beef sashimi sushi. Yes, I never know beef can be sashimi or being eaten raw! Not too bad taste perhaps you should try out.

[Various kind of sushi]

[Beef sushi]

After finished eating a plate of sushi, I then tried out the roasted duck roll and some grilled sea eel. These dishes were prepared live by few cooks inside the restaurant. Both of them taste delicious! I highly recommend the roasted duck roll!

[Live sea eel cooking and roasted duck rolls preparing section]

[Raw sea eels going to be cooked]

[Roasted duck rolls]

[Inside the duck roll]

The restaurant also serve quite a lof of seafoods. So, for seafood lovers, you should try Shogun! I tried 2 raw oysters which have strong fish smell. That's why you need to apply some lemon juice onto the oysters to minimize this smell. However if you dun like the raw oyster, you can request for baking the oysters with cheese! Yes, this definitely taste nicer!

[Fresh and raw oysters eaten with lemon juice]

[Baked cheese oyster]

I also tasted other types of seafoods such as spicy lala (clams), soft shell crabs and also korean sea snails. I would say they tasted good!

[Spicy lala]

[Soft shell crab]

[Spicy Korean sea snails]

There were more dishes to choose from actually, such as teppanyaki chicken, lamb, prawns, tuna, cod fish and so on. There were even Thai cruisine being served inside Shogun.

[More dishes]

[Other dishes]

[Thai delights section]

If you are tempura lovers, Shogun serves various kind of fresh tempura including prawn, soft shell crab, sweet potatoes, yam, vegetables and so on. I tried some.

[Assorted tempura and some other Japanese foods]

[The section where tempura and teppanyaki were cooked]

Near the tempura section I found this quite unique. Small bowls covered with aluminum and put inside the hot water. I was curious about it, therefore I took one to have a try. Well, it was actually called Chawan Mushi, some sort like a steamed eggs.

[Chawan Mushi soaked inside hot water to keep warm]

[Chawan Mushi - steamed egg]

For desserts, the choices were quite a lot as well. You can have fruit cocktail, honeydew with coconut milk, peanut soup, various flavour of ice-cream, cakes and fruits.

[Desserts section]

We spent about 2 hours eating inside the restaurant before we gave up. It was worth actually, but the bill was a bit expensive with about RM70+ per head inclusive of taxes. I was satisfy with the foods there, just that I wished I have 4 stomachs to try out all the foods. There was only 1 think I quite regreted - I didn't try the tepanyakki because my stomach really cannot accomodate even a little more!

[Another view inside the restaurant]

It was a nice dinner though thanks to Chamb and Lilian!


  1. damn, this is my first time each such many sushi in once, god.

  2. hihihihihi... u all should eat more and more.

  3. yalor... if can stay longer... then I maybe can eat again! But that time my stomach really no place to accommodate the foods anymore...

    Regret that I haven't try the tepanyyaki!!


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