Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lunch @ Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Went to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng at Pavillion for lunch this afternoon with colleagues. Initially just want to have lunch at food court, but Fox King highly recommended this restaurant as according to him, the price there is reasonable and the choices of foods are variety.

As none of us have visit the restaurant before except the Fox King, plus "Where to eat" had become a common worry among colleagues on lunch time, therefore new idea like this is really encouraging. Without much thought, we all agreed with the idea and headed to the restaurant which is located at the 6th floor of The Pavillion.

[Entrance to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng]

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng is actually a restaurant which serves Hong Kong style of foods and beverages. Even the restaurant name itself already sounds very "Hongkie" where "Wong Kok" actually is a place name in Hong Kong and "Char Chan Teng" is the pronunciation of Cantonese which means restaurant/coffee shop.

The restaurant is very nicely renovated and the ambience inside the shop was really great! Oh ya, before I forget, the ambassador of this shop is Kuok Chun On, a very famous Hong Kong tv drama actor. Those watching HK drama would very familiar with him.

[Kuok - ambassador for the restaurant]

[Nice deco, nice view]

We found a sofa seat which could accommodate 6 people and near the window which allowed us to see the scenery outside. A very nice "Fengshui" seat! After that we had been given a very nicely designed and printed menu to choose our foods and drinks.

[A view from my table]

[The nicely printed menu]

Just like what Fox King described, the foods choices were really varieties. I spent some time to roughly look through the menu. The prices were quite acceptable. I mean of course you couldn't expect RM5 for a lunch in such environment but you can have quite a number of choices below RM10.

[The people having lunch in the restaurant]

After some thought, I finally decided to go for set lunch. RM9.90 before adding the 10% service tax, sounds reasonable to you? The set includes a choice of rice/noodles, a bowl of soup, a cup of drink and also a small plate of fruits, sounds good? Ya, for me, in this kind of restaurant, this is a very worth meal to order.

[Daily lunch set to choose from]

[Another view inside the restaurant]

For set lunch, there were 4 types of rice/noodles to choose from on Thursday. I decided to try rice with pork and sesame sauce.

[Rice with pork and sesame sauce - the presentation is nice]

[Closer look of the rice - taste not bad and worth a try]

For the drink, it was stocking milk tea, I went for cold one. The name sounds weird to you? Why "Stocking milk tea"? Maybe you can find out and let me know. ;p

[Stocking milk tea]

There were 2 choices of soup, either Borsch soup or cream soup. I tried Borsch soup.

[The Borsch soup]

The fruits were just 2 small pieces of honeydew and 3 pieces of watermelon.

[The fruits]

The food taste? Well, not bad really! At least it tasted quite special and worth the money. Maybe you can try out if you have chance! Worth the money!

A colleague of mine, Chamb ordered a very special drink. I am not sure what was the drink called but the presentation was really special and colorful. That's why I took a shot on it. It costs RM5.50 excluding tax.

[Very special looking drink which costs RM5.50]

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