Monday, May 25, 2009

KL Attachment Footprints Part 2 - Workplace

This is part 2 of my working attachment footprints in KL for 2 months. If you haven't read part 1, you can click here, or if you don't feel like want to read part 1 you can proceed from here.

This is mainly about flashing my memory about my 2 months office life in KL. For the first 2 week, life was tougher. Without own transportation, we relied on public transport to reach office and back home everyday. The photo below can give you some idea how far we needed to walk to reach Savanna Condo from Bukit Jalil LRT Station and vice versa.

Hang Tuah Station was the most familiar station to us as this is where we changed LRT to monorail or vice versa. Hang Tuah Station is the only station that link monorail with Star LRT.

From Hang Tuah Monorail Station, we travelled 3 more stations to reach Raja Chulan Monorail Station and from there we walked some distance to reach office. Trust me, it was tough life travelling with LRT or monorail especially during peak hours!

After we got our own car which is belongs to my immediate supervisor's brother, life became more relieved. We car pool to work or back home. Although the car was not a big one, but comfortable enough to fit in all of us in a time. However, traffic jam sometimes is as headache as packing sardine inside LRT!

This is where my office is, 24th Floor UOA building, business suite with a balcony.

This is the "obstacle" we needed to come across everytime want to use lift to 24th floor. Only valid RFID card holders will successfully scanned through the system, otherwise very loud "beep" sound will be alerted and attract security guards to visit you!

These are the nice views from office balcony, Petronas Twin Tower which was once the tallest building in the world. If you have telescope, you may able to see some foreign "leng loi" swimming or enjoying sun bath at the hotel opposite. Too bad I didn't have! The construction below produced a lot of noises and distraction. Logo of MAS building which can be seen already gone before we back home. Heard they moved away from the building already?

This is the place I sit. Very fengshui seat because it was at the most corner thus could avoid my monitor being over exposed (If you know what I mean)! ;p

This is the cup that accompanied me in the office for the 2 months. I used it to make myself coffee almost every morning. It belongs to the office. Ops! Sorry for the stain on cup! I took this before I washed the cup.

This is the pantry. Not many thing you can use here except the small kettle to boil water. If you want drinking water, sorry... if you don't mind just use the simple panasonic water filter. I was wondering if that was safe enough to drink yet sometimes you have no choice. This was the place I make coffee every morning.

Some scenery around UOA compoud. Some shops and also restaurants. Top-right is Subway. Bottom-right is a restaurant serving German cuisine. Should be expensive and you could see usually a lot of "Angmo" were there for lunch!

This is our "default" eating place during lunch - Wisma Cosway! An old building yet this is the nearest place serving pork, I mean one of the coffee shop in there serve pork and that's why a lot of Chinese were there for lunch.

I guess this is all about the part 2 of my attachment footprints. Will have part 3 hopefully. Enjoyed a lot in my KL office thanks to the nice colleagues there!

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