Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trip Back From First Working Attachement

Finally... I ended my first ever working attachment in KL and back to my own place for good! Boarded AirAsia KUL-SBW AK5192 11.00am's flight.

[AirAsia Airbus AK5192]

Pre-ordered in-flight meal when we did the online booking. This was my first time having in-flight meal with AirAsia budget flight. Before this I would just choose to sleep and boycott the meal as I personally felt the price is a bit unreasonable. But this time, since got people "treat" us the meal, I don't mind to have a try. I chose Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak combo which costs RM8 if book online and RM9 if buy inside the flight.

[The in-flight menu]

Did you notice the word "combo" in the meal set? Why combo then? After I received my meal in the flight, I just realized that "combo" because the meal set includes a small "glass" of Spritzer branded plain water!

[Nasi Lemak Combo set]

What is so special about Nasi Lemak which costs RM8 with the name of Pak Nasser? Err.... honestly, nothing special. Just a small bowl of nasi lemak with sambal, small portion of chicken rendang, half boiled egg, few peanuts and deep fried ikan bilis.

[Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser - the in-flight meal]

Nothing special about its taste as well. Just typical nasi lemak taste - rice cooked in coconut milk eat with sambal, rendang chicken, egg, peanuts and ikan bilis.

[Close view of the Nasi Lemak]

Touched down at Sibu Airport at 12.45 noon. When inside the terminal building, I just realized that Sibu Airport is heavily guarded by medical officers who would point a device onto the forehead of each passangers to check for body temperature. This is to prevent any possibilities passangers may bring in Influenza A (H1N1) virus into the town which had killed quite a number of life in foreign countries like Mexico and USA.

[Written warning in Sibu Airport about Influenza A (H1N1) virus]

[Medical officers prepared to check for body temperature of each passanger]

Still felt a bit tired after back from KL. Will update my blog with more info when I get my energy back! Be patient...


  1. Food in airplane are never too good.
    By the way, welcome back :)

  2. Welcome back welcome back, hahahaha.....

  3. Nasi lemak beside the road lagi worth it. Hahahahaha


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