Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lake Fishing @ Three Pillars Farm

Went to a farm with few colleagues and their friends for fishing this afternoon. The farm is only open for public to do fishing during weekend. It is called Three Pillars Farm, located about 26 kilometers from Sibu town.

I went there without prepare for any fishing equipment as I just want to have fun and not really into fishing while Sparkish, PSToh, FoxKing and Jack already bought their equipment previous day. Departed from Sparkish's house around 1.15pm with 3 cars and arrived at the farm before 2pm.

Along the small road leading to the fishing lake, I could see Papaya and Banana's trees at both side of the road...

When we reached the entrance, quite a lot of cars were parking there already. This meant that we were not the only group came here for fishing.

Just few steps walking from the entrance, the fishing lake was seen on our right. First of all, we need to find a good and sheltered place to start fishing.

We walked through the small and narrow road..

... before we reached this shelter where it was the only shelter which still not yet being occupied.

Without wasting much time, those coming for fishing started to prepare themselves with fishing equipment like installing fishing rod and inserting bait onto the hook.

Tell you all a secret... these bunch of people were purely rookie in fishing. Beside FoxKing who claimed himself was once drain-fishing king (Can you believe it?), others were just first timer.

Look at this unprofessional fishing body posture. One hand carrying the rod and another hand put around waist. Could you expect him to get big fish? ;p

But don't play play, he was the only one who experienced the pulling force of the fish! Anyway, the fish somehow managed to escape! PS was the most frustrated man of the day!

Jack's new spinning reel somehow spoiled just before he could do any fishing. He was so regret that he didn't invest more when buying the rod. He was the most upset man of the day!

Sparkish tried to comfort himself after waiting for 2 hours yet not a single fish was on hooked. He acted like he was having one! He was the best actor of the day!

Whereas FoxKing was the luckiest man of the day as he was the only one going back with the prey! Hey... guys! The drain-fishing king is certainly not a fool ok!!

Yet... it was just a approximately four-inch length's small fish. Well, "better than nothing"! This is how he tried to comfort himself.

At another side of the lake... I found someone caught a big Patin fish!

I guess he could feel the satisfaction by catching such a big fish!

This is what I mean by a more professional-look fisher - sit back and relax while angling, wearing a hat to avoid from sunshine, prepare multiple fishing rods and having a pail beside you just in case you got the fish! One more thing... don't talk so loud... because it will really scare the fish away! haha!

Fishing in Three Pillars Farm is actually not free. Each person doing the fishing will be charged RM6 per hour and person like me who went in there for no purpose is free of charge!

We spent about 2 hours there before doing the tidied up and prepared to go home. Some felt unsatisfactory with the outcome today because only managed to bring back a small little fish which is just suitable to keep inside aquarium. They sure will go back there one day to revenge!

For me, I was satisfied and enjoyed the trip. Although I didn't fish, but I enjoyed the funny moments seeing those first timer doing fishing! It was certainly a good experience to everyone joining the trip. Special thank to PSToh for the ride and Sparkish for being the trip planner!


  1. nice pictures, well done !! haha..

  2. No wonder Foxking claimed tat he was longkang fish king, he certainly deserved to catch the tiny fish, haha...
    Nice photo by the way, at least can proof tat I nearly caught a fish, haha.

  3. YEAH~~!!

  4. muahahaha,,,, i think you ar tay not black that's y not get fish. Sometime an old myths by anglers is to bite ur fishing rode before u fish or after you step over your fishing rod.

  5. Ps Give Telephone for three Pillars farm


  6. Ps Give Telephone for three Pillars farm



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